Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

We had another wonderful Thanksgiving here in Mexico last night!
This one was special in a different way though-- Beth and I hosted it at our house! Our parents had accidentally planned their 25th anniversary vacation right on the week of Thanksgiving! Oops! :)
So that left Beth and I to do all of the work... And boy was there a lot of work! But it was fun, fun, fun! We spent 3 days cooking, cleaning, and making sure everything was ready... and 5 minutes before the doorbell rang, we deemed everything party-worthy!
Austin giving thanks... Or who knows... :))
^^Austin just being Austin!^^

Scalloped potatoes, ham, green beans, homemade rolls, olives (minus the black beans), Watergate salad, punch, broccoli salad, yams... 
A funny thing happened when the company arrived-- We started bringing in the food, setting it all out on the counters and tables, reheating food, and just settling in for a nice evening together... and then Gramma mentioned that she could not find her scalloped potatoes... and then she suddenly exclaims, "Oh no! The potatoes! They're in the oven at home!" And every one's reply, "Aww bummer, whats Thanksgiving without potatoes!" (Or at least that may be what ran through MY mind hahaha.) But then she adds, "And the oven is still on!!" Well that got everyone into a tizzy, and we hurriedly began thinking of who on the other side of town could go break into my grandparents house and turn off the oven... But Bro. Grampa was very quickly elected to rush home and keep the house from burning down... This somewhat dampened the lively spirit, and we continued putting every thing in it's place. Then we hear from the kitchen, "The potatoes!! I found the potatoes!! Glenn!!!" And then everyone was thrown into a bigger tizzy, rushing to the front window to keep Elder Wakefield from driving off! Turns out the potatoes had been sitting on the counter the whole time! :))) We all had a good laugh about this, and were also very relieved that the oven really hadn't been left on.... :)

The big boy serving up his own plate ;)

And what did he serve himself? Bread and ham. Plus a 2-inch thick slice of butter on each half of his roll. I don't know how he is still living and breathing with all of the butter that he consumes... Haha!

 Here we all are!

Atleast 5 times there was mention of my marriage (non-existent LOL), or the fact that I was ready to get married... All because of the homemade rolls that I made!! :)))
--That is how you are deemed  ready for marriage here in Mexico! Make a good dish, and you're all set!!

The dessert table... 
Pumpkin pie, chocolate mint patties, a pumpkin roll, eggnog cupcakes, blackberry cupcakes, a 3-layer cheesecake/pumpkin/nut pie, gluten free apple cobbler (hallelujah!!), and some interesting date fudge... Interesting as in "never again". LOL.

 After eating, the women headed into the kitchen to wash dishes and put everything away...

....and the guys headed outside for a game of soccer "to help the food settle down"... In other words, make room for more food! :)
A little while later, everyone ended up in the living room for coffee and dessert....

...and Pictionary!! We aaalways end up playing this when we get together! :))
It can get pretty lively!
Abner gettin' into it! :))
I love the facial expressions!! Haha!
Being entertained :)
...and when its a group play, things get crazy :)) 4 teams all trying to act out "roller coaster", hoping their partner will guess the right word first!
After games and visiting, we called it a night and everyone headed off to their own houses! We had such a fun time with our friends and family. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well!

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