Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Murderer's Idol

Today was the 8th anniversary of something very diabolical here in Puebla, Mexico. The people of Puebla celebrated the 8th year since the first public altar was built for one of their idols, "La Santa Muerte". Translated, that means "The Holy Death".
Now, most practicing Catholics in Mexico will have many different idols-- An idol to ensure good health, one in the corner of their workplace to bless their business, another to help them find a spouse, etc... You name it, and they have an idol for it.
So whats another idol? Just one more to add to the list.....
But this idol has a special purpose. This idol is for the thieves and murderers. For the person wanting to do evil; 
an idol for sinners.
The caption on the arch says, "May God Bless You and the Holy Death Protect You".
Here's a couple examples of why and how a person would go to this idol for help:
Person #1 plans to rob a house tonight-- a recognized crime of course, but they still want to be blessed.
Who do they go to? La Santa Muerte. They believe that if they go offer something to this idol before they do their evil deeds, then they will be blessed, and protected by this statue, this thing that they believe has power.
Person #2 plans to kill a man. But hey, he doesn't want to go to jail for it... He wants help in his crime.... So he also goes to his patron, the one that he has been taught and believes will help him.
And what is the price they have to pay, what is it that they have to give to this idol to please it, to gain it's favor?
A pack of cigarrettes.
A bottle of wine.
They place these things and others at the feet of this statue, and go on their way to steal and kill, thinking that everything is okay.  
People from our church have talked about seeing this shrine, this statue, and the people kneeling in front of it, offering their cigarrettes and their alcohol. I haven't been, and I don't know if I want to. The more I think about the meaning of this "idol", the more I'd just rather keep away.
This is the statue in Mexico City of this ugly idol:
And the funny, or strange thing is... this is what the little kids and people dressed up as this year.
They dressed up as death.
We saw this little girl in a busy intersection, asking for a few pesitos for her pumpkin.
 ^^Its obvious what she was trying to look like^^
 I saw many others dressed very similarly to this little girl and the Mexico City death idol. They all had their faces painted white, dressed in white, with a veil... Its sad and a bit worrisome to think of the toll that this idol is having on Mexico. If people think that they can get away with anything they want by offering a small gift to this idol, just imagine how much more crime will be committed! The Devil is tricking these people into thinking that it is okay to sin, and they are believing it with their whole heart!
Please keep Mexico in your prayers, as we reach out to these people!
Pray that these people will come to realize that death has no power to save and protect-- that Jesus is the only One with all power, and that He is their only hope!


Anonymous said...

Youre far too ignorant to be judging this subject. Shame on you.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Your comment made us laugh out loud :D

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