Wednesday, November 21, 2012

San Francisco

Saturday morning after West Coast, we got up bright and early to head out for San Francisco. We got UP bright and early...but sat around and visited in the hotel lobby for a long time. It's alright, we were having a good time!

Caleb and Kassia

The bay...

The beautiful hills and windmills :)

Driving over this loooooong bridge...

I love tunnels! It's weird though, every time I go through one I think of Princess Diana..


The city! What a beautiful day...

When we finally arrived in San Francisco, the guys had to go to the bathroom...they were almost in tears. When I got home and showed this picture to my family, we all laughed until we were crying.

Peir 39..everyone look at the camera?!

Kassia and Cara

In the Biscoff store!

Kassia, Me, Cara, Jacob, Marvin, Caleb, and Sammy

Walking to the end of the pier

Barrels of chocolate everywhere!

There are a couple people in this world that can say just about anything and make me laugh hysterically. One, Stephanie Marchbanks, and two...Cara! Oh my word, this girl is hilarious!

Of course there are a ton of weirdos in San Francisco...
This guy was one of them. He was laaaaaaaughing his head off all by his lonesome. 

He was pretty entertaining! :D
Pretty sure he was on something...

The seagulls trying to steal Marvin's corndog

How low can ya go?

...not very low, apparently!

On my last day in the U.S. I got to go to church at Elder Morton's church in Fresno. After church, we went out to eat at Olive Garden. WOW. GOOD FOOD!!
Then the Klanns invited us over. They had a fire going in their front yard. It was freezing cold outside, but we sat around and ate ice cream and hot chocolate. We had a super fun time!

All in all, I had the best time in the U.S.! I forget how good things are over there and when I go back to visit, I'm always pleasantly surprised at the nice, English-speaking people, and woaaaaah-wonderful food! There's nothing like it, I'm telling you!

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*~Lulu~* said...

What a wonderful blog:)) I absolutely LOOOVE Pismo & Splash Cafe,it's sooo delish(especially their chowder),their chili cheese fries is quite yummy..I'm glad you all had a wonderful time:) God Bless.

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