Monday, November 26, 2012

Q: How Much *Does* a Dodge Grand Caravan Weigh?

 A: A Dodge Grand Caravan weighs 3,763 pounds!
This past friday was an eventful day...
Austin had been staying with the grandparents while our parents were on vacation, and we had planned on meeting up with them to pick him up. On our way out of our colonia we stopped at the gas station to put air in the tire... While they were airing up the tire, the air valve broke off, and all of the air whooshed out, suddenly leaving us with a very flat tire! One of the attendants offered to change the tire for us, and he got to work taking off the tire as all the other attendants stood around watching, laughing, and joking with him...
The way our car is designed, the spare tire is located underneath the car near the front seats. The workers had a hard time figuring out how to get it out. The attendant, Marcos, was next to the car trying to pull it out from under the car...

^Here is Sis. Mom loosening the spare tire from underneath the car.^
(I never imagined that I would actually use this picture haha... Thanks to my having my camera open due to boredom, I have the following pictures...)
Then suddenly things went from bad to worse, and the laughing stopped... The jack slipped and pinned the young guy's arm between the spare tire and the asphalt so that the entire weight of the car crushed his wrist. My mom and I jumped out of the car as fast as we could, and everyone in the vicinity ran towards the car, gathering around it, lifting it, as the poor guy was screaming out in pain. We really don't know how we were able to lift the car enough for him to be slid out from under it. It was a miracle.
  The people were finally able to get him out from under the car, and he stumbled away from the car and fell on the ground. It was an awful scene and all we could do was just pray and pray that everything would be okay.
With him barely conscious they carried him over to the shade and sat him down at a table...

He was so close to passing out here.
This story really has no spectacular ending-- we left even before the ambulance got there. We offered to take him to the hospital but the ambulance had already been called, so we left. The guy had work insurance, and there was really nothing else that we could do for him.
We did learn a lesson today though-- never let a Pemex gas station attendant change your tire-- turns out its against the gas station rules and they're not supposed to do it!! The guy whose arm got pinned and crushed is named Marcos. He could probably use all the prayers he can get, so please remember him when you pray!



Jennifer Connell said...

:0 Poor Marcos! Hope he's ok!

Dacia Loa said...

I hate to sound heartless and cruel ... but that is really FUNNY!! :D

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