Monday, September 12, 2011

Bible Quizzing and Sunday Church

 Saturday we had a Bible quizzing tournament so all the kids came over here for the competition. 
We had just come back from the open-air service so we had lunch first, then got to quizzing!

This was Austin's first competition. He knows all the answers to the questions AND he does it all in Spanish. It is really cute! 

On Sunday, Elder Wakefield's assistant pastor came over here and preached for us. 

JC and Eliu with their "yoke". 
Everyone is going to wear a yoke. Either the yoke of God or some other yoke. The world, the devil, etc. 

Austin and Hno. Mario

Families praying together

We had a really good service; the preaching was awesome!

After church we went out to to eat......
But the place that we went to deserves its own post. Yes, it is that good. 
So check back again in about a month to see it! (Haha...just kidding...)

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Elias said...

Check back in a month?!!! LOL
That's awesome :)

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