Friday, September 16, 2011

Viva Mexico!

Yesterday we celebrated Mexico's Independence Day! We went over to Elder Wakefield's church because that's where the party was going on! We ate all kinds of traditional foods then played games and laughed a ton! 
Me and Eliana matched!

Gramma passing out prizes

Hna. Rufi, Alicia and Julia singing


Laughing :D

This game is sooo hilarious. It is like musical chairs but much better. 

Then we played Fuerzitas...

There was just a ROAR of yells and laughs and screams and cheers during all this. It was hilarious!

The ring game...

Cheyenne and Faith :))

Father vs. Son

El Pastor vs. Abner

Unfortunately, we did not get to go down town this year to do the grito!!
I was soooo disappointed. 
We were told, "It is too dangerous". 
But isn't that why it is so fun? 

When we got home from the party, our street was all quiet. No one was out doing fireworks. El Pastor commented that everyone must have gone elsewhere to party. 
Everyone went to bed and I went into Austin's room because I had promised him ONE story about "when I was a kid". (WOW. I am telling stories about when *I* was a kid!? I am still a kid!)
He wanted to hear about all the stray animals we collected living down here. 
I had just gotten into my story about the dog that got Parvo when a HUGE explosion exploded! ;)
And that was the beginning of a very loud night. 
Beau started flipping out so I had compassion on him and let him sleep on the floor in my room. 

And that was my Independence Day. 
Viva Mexico!

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Anonymous said...

You guys should try CONEING!!! its pretty funny!!! Look it up on google!!!

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