Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alex Burguer--Fine Dining in Puebla

Alrighty! Here are some pictures of one of our favorite places to eat here in Puebla! 
I have never had a burger as tasty as what they make here. 
Fudruckers, 5 Guys, In-and-Out, Carl's Jr, Whataburger, Red Robin...
It's called "Alex Burguer". Prounounced Burg-ware. Lol!
It is just two little carts with grills in them and a tarp thrown over all of it to shield customers from the wind and rain. 
Very simple but SO delicious!! We try to take all our visitors here! :) It is quite the experience. 

I always order what is called a "Hamburgesa Hawaina Sencilla". It is your normal burger, plus a slice of ham and a slice of pinneaple in it! 
They serve a ton of different kinds of burgers and hotdogs. You can get them with mushrooms and string cheese, american cheese, pork, onion, guacamole, bacon and more! 

From the outside this place just looks like another burger stand out on the street, but one thing stands out about this place: The hoards of people and cars everywhere!!

They have this super spicey peanut sauce you can add to your food...

or Habanero chiles! 

This is one of the girls that has worked here from the beginning. She knows us know and what we are going to order. She knows Austin is going to want just a plain ole hot dog and bun. No ketchup, mustand, chiles, or NOTHING! He is just a "dry toast boy". 

Here are some burgers with guacamole on them...

We have never gotten sick from this place. That is a huge bonus! ;D
So now you know one of the Wakefield's favorite hang-outs...Alex Burg-ware!


Dacia Loa said...

Haha! That sounds like a place here where we always eat (except it's tacos). And the man always asks, "Lo mismo?" And my dad says, "Lo mismo." :D

Marvin C. C. said...

yall promised you would take me there when i visit keep ur promise im looking forward to it!! aha glad u posted

Elias said...

Wow, looks good! lol

singingismything said...


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