Saturday, September 3, 2011

Interview With Nicole

Here is an interview done with the youngest Wakefield daughter. Interviewer/typist is Bethany.

Name: Nicole Wakefield
Parents: Curtis and Doreen Wakefield
Home Church: Tabernaculo de Victoria
Favorite Restaurant: PF Changs
Favorite Color: Green
Pastime: Starbucks
Vacation Spot: Starbucks
Singer: Grampa Wakefield
Song: Clint Brown-I Have a Friend and Isabel Valdez-Aunque No Te Pueda Ver
Food: Sushi
Candy: Sour Patches
Ice cream: (She is shrugging her shoulders). 
Vehicle: Jeep or Classic Bug
Store: Anthropologie 
Place to Stay: Starbucks
Talents: She sings and is the best Bible quizzing coach ever. 
Most Embarrassing Moment: It is inappropriate, but if you know Nicole, you already know! Also, something happened when we were in AZ, but I'd be embarrassed to write it on here.

Something You Might Want to Know: She likes fedoras, she doesn't like silver suits. 

Favorite Childhood Memory: When Nicole was 4 yrs old, she would throw fits when Dad left for work at night. So one time, she got in the back of his car and hid. Dad drove all the way to work with her scrunched up behind the driver's seat! When he arrived, he got out to open the trunk. Nicole popped her head up and he saw her through the back window. He was shocked!!
Meanwhile, the rest of the family was searching the neighborhood out, thinking she'd been kidnapped!

Goals for the Future: Be a missionary
Nicole's life motto (chosen by Bethany): "Next mood swing: 6 minutes"
A few of your favorite things? Roses, Sour Patches, Judah, butterflies, cupcakes, Dragnet, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 


Mama Munchies said...

Wow! Now when is Nicole going to interview Bethany? hm....????

Love ya!

DesRosh said...

I agree! Bethany's turn! =)

Elias said...


Nice Post!


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