Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh-So-Interesting Goings-On

Beau is really mean and has a terrible temper. He randomly lunges at Ranger and bites his tail or his ears or his flabby skin. 

I can now bounce a ball on a tennis racket 803 times. Wow.

I can also bounce it right on top of our neighbor's roof...which is what I did yesterday.

SO...Thanks to Nicole's great mind...
We stuck chewing gum on the end of stick to stick it to the ball, hung the stick over the edge and...
The neighbor's daughter comes climbing up the roof. I'm sure we had totally guilty looks on our faces, but she was kind enough to throw it back over for us.

Beau's needle teeth are staying sharp...

This is how the guys got their supplies up on top the roof. A pulley and muscles.

Our roof:

They built a mini wall around the top of our house so now when it rains the water won't come inside. 

The boys.

Sifting sand.

Israel's scary way of getting to this ledge.

This is what the guys are doing right now. They set up the scaffolding and are now 'repillando', which is...uhhh...splattering and smoothing cement on our walls so the water doesn't come in when it rains. 
Valentin, the guy in the middle, is scared of heights. So when he gets up on the ramp he kinda hunches and does this dopey laugh, like "ER, ER, ERRRRRRR."

Mixing cement.

Putting water into the cement volcano.

You know nothing's happening when we post dog pictures. 

(Beau's new favorite toy).

THEE end. 


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Hey there!!
Are you girls going to be able to come to camp again this year?
It's right around the corner! :o)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yes!! We are planning on going to PCC! We can't wait, we are anxious to see 'your' girls. They are sooo precious!


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