Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conference, March 2010

We had four people get the Holy Ghost this past weekend at our conference! We were so privileged to have Bro. Gutierrez from Panorama City, CA, Bro. Gonzalez from Boyle Heights, CA, and Bro. and Sis. DeAro from Santa Clarita, CA here in Puebla with us. The church services were so wonderful, I can't really describe them.
It's not that I'm speechless. There just aren't any words. Trying to describe these past few days kind of goes like this:
"The presence of God..."
"Service was so..."
"Everyone was just..."
"If you could've seen the young people worshiping..."
"The altar calls..."
"The men praying with their families..."

See? It's hard to describe what awesome moves of God we had. You just had to be there.
So 4:00 pm this Sunday. Be there!!

Bro. Gonzales, Hno. Mario, Bro. DeAro, Hno. Baltazar, Bro. Gutierrez, and Bro. Wakefield Jr. Eating before service at our house. 

We did a little bit of sight-seeing on Thursday...

Then it was church, church, and more church! Bro. DeAro preached the first night, but I got so into it, I forgot to take pictures. But Sis. DeAro saaang and I got a picture of her. We loved having the DeAros. They were so much fun! 

This was the men's service on Saturday that Bro. Gutierrez taught. I asked the guys later how it went and their response was "impressive" and "very powerful".

Bro. Gonzales preached Sunday night. 
He said, "Be like this with your pastor!"

Alejandro (left) and Miguel praying with his sister, Anahi.

Israel and his wife, Hortencia praying for Israel's sister-in-law's sister. :)
She got the Holy Ghost!

Elisabet also got the Holy Ghost...

...and Rocio...

And Asuri too! (This is the girl Austin says he's going to marry one day...)

This man got baptized in Jesus' name!

Here are the guys praying for Fernando. We love this picture because we know the stories behind each one of their lives, how they finally met up with Jesus, and how far He has brought them. Here soon we'll do a 'youth post' and tell each of their stories. We could talk about our young people and their families for half of forever and not run out words.

Austin playing and singing in Spanish for Bro. Gutierrez.

I know I didn't do a very good job of taking if you want to see more, go to the DeAro's church website HERE and check to see if they have put their pictures up yet. :))


ash said...

Hey gurlies!!!,
i miss u guys soo much! I wish i could of went with my parents down to puebla! im sorry we werent here to answer your call!=( ive been wanting to talk to you but cant!! we are not going to be home till sat... SOOOO here is my cell number you can call me on!!... plz call me!! 661 621 4768!!... Alrighty I luv ya! p.s. We luv the candy.. Thank you so much! That was so nice of you guys. Love ya, Ashlyn

G DeAro said...

Bethany and Nicole,
I cannot tell you what a life changing experience we had with you and your family! It was so wonderful seeing the wonderful things that God is doing around the world. Sometimes we get caught up in our own little world and forget that God is moving all over. I feel so fortunate and blessed having been to your part of the world. I really don't think I will ever be the same again.

I had so much fun with your mom and grandma, and yes with you two girls also. It was amazing seeing the ruins of the convent that was 500 years old, as well as all the other sight seeing we did. Puebla is definitely an interesting place. Remember the shoe shinning man? LOL!

The people in your church and in your grandparents church are so precious! I can't wait to see them again. If not here on earth, then in our New Jerusalem home!

I love you all mucho, mucho, mucho!!

Dios les Bendiga!!

Sis. DeAro

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Kendrick Preston pastor trevinos nephew you may remember me we met at pacific coast last year. I am here with the loas in Toluca we are having an awesome time I wish we were able to make it to your meeting but maby some other time. God bless yall and hopefully see you at PCC 10!

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