Monday, March 15, 2010

Bro. Dad's 43rd

This is how our Sunday service usually goes:
Prayer at 3:30pm
Sing one song, then dismiss for classes at 4:00
5:00pm song service, then the preaching. 

This is how our service went yesterday:
"Prayer" at 3:30pm (I think everyone was really thinking about what was about to happen.)
4:00pm We sang until Bro. Dad did the 'fist' (end now!) sign, which went with a befuddled look that said, "Why are you guys hijacking the service??"
...half of us voted to NOT cancel church for the party. (Have someone get the Holy Ghost, or eat cake?) But there were some pretty influential people on the other side that said, "It's only once a year..." So we compromised by having a mini-worship service. 
4:20 we dismissed for classes. Bro. Dad's new convert's class went upstairs and the rest of us went to decorating.

Throwing confetti...(It looks like Israel is giving him some kind of birthday blessing). 

He really had no clue about this whole thing. 
(We were SO nervous that he knew what was going on). 

Feliz Cumpleanos, Pastor! 
Lots of hugs...

"The Girls"
Eating tamales

Austin says he's going to marry this girl and the girl's older brother has Austin calling him "Brother-in-Law". 

Watching the the game
Playing soccer in the street (It really wasn't this dark out...)

Two years ago we came to Puebla and took this church. This was our youth group then (plus Nicole and I).

This is our youth group now. (Below)
"A pictures is worth a thousand words."
This one SCREAMS, "Look what God is doing in Puebla, Mexico!!!!"
All of the young people in this picture have the Holy Ghost, except for 2, but they don't stand a chance because this Friday-Sunday we are going to be having a conference. 
What do you get when you add together on-fire, determined young people and God?
Like I said...they don't stand a chance...
We are so excited about this conference, about who is coming. We know God is going to do great things!


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Happy Birthday Bro. Wakefield!!

It was so neat to see how much your youth group has grown!!
God is good!!

The Kendrick Clan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brother Wakefield! :)..Gurlies! I haven't "talked" to you in a veeeery long time :(....Hopefully we get to see you soon! :)..Miss you and love you lots!

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