Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making Tamales

Here are some pictures from when we made tamales the other day for Bro. Dad's surprise birthday party. 

On the way over...

Working real hard...

At the corner store buying a couple things we forgot to get at the market

Nicole loves knives!

Eeeeww! Squeezing lard into the tamale dough. 

Finally making the actual tamales. 
This really is fun to do for about 20 tamales...but we make 400. After a while it got a little old. 
Ohhhh, what sacrifice! :))

Cooking outside on the fi-ya

Dessert--Jello with squares in it. 

Ok everybody!! Clean up time!
Hey, Nicole...


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said... they were yummy!!

Did you get my email? We found your grandfathers bible....can you let me know where to send it? Or should we save until camp?

Let me know!!
Sis. K.

Aunt Darlene~~ said...

HEY! Bethany! Uncle Mike would TOTALLY be DROOLING right now! He LOVES tamales!! BUT!! What kind did you make? Were they pork? Usually the ONLY kind we can find are pork. Uncle Mike wants CHICKEN! I remember it being a LOT of work! We made them in Spokane with a family there, and if it weren't for all us women YACKING our heads off the whole time, it wouldn't have been HALF the fun!! Well, I am teaching Sunday School again! You remember we have teams of teachers. Sis. Remillard, Sis. Marcie and I are teaching this month, so we are still in the nervous stage. I am always like that! Then the last Sunday, its fun, but thank GOD your turn is over! All the older kids have moved to the older classes, so we just have mainly the sweet young kids! Its been fun!! SO! What have you been doing lately? What do you do each day? You can write us a "Dear Diary...." Today I woke up at Noon, and didn't take a shower for the THIRD day in a row. Its a personal best... HA! HA! The juices must be flowin'!! I should go and add to the "BOOK" of Grama crashing into Aubrey's car! HA! I was really full of fictional bologna!! Well, I will go. Its getting late. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! Love you SO MUCH!! OXOX
Love, Aunt Darlene and the other people that live here too.....OZX

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