Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Nicole says this is all so irrelevant, but since nothing interesting has happened today and being irrelevant can be at least INTERESTING (I hope) ...

A few days before Christmas, Dolores (the young lady who does Sunday school) and I went downtown to buy some supplies for Sunday school. We both love going to "El Centro"-mostly during Christmas time to look at the decorations and lights. We came upon one of the Catholic churches and, much to my delight, there was a horse and carriage inside the gates. I love horses and couldn't resist going in to pet him. There was a man outside with the horse answering other curious passersby's (passerbys-ha) questions. He told us the horse was there to escort the bride and groom--there was a wedding going on inside. I'd never been to a Catholic wedding so---in we went!

It was a little strange. Very different from a 'normal' least all the weddings that I'd ever been to. There was this priest in front talking in a boring, monotone voice, which went perfectly with the boring service. I mean, no special speakers, no cute little kids on the platform to make the wedding memorable, no words from the parents, and NO special songs! I mean, songs are a must have!

Anyways, with all the stories we've read on the news lately, I'm a little hmmm...WARY...of priests, to say the least. Well, this guy classified as my imagination's stereotypical "pervert priest". Sweaty face, greasy hair, and that annoying chunk of "stylish" hair dangling in his eyes.
...Who's he trying to look like anyways? Superman?! Well, if he was, he wasn't pulling it off very succesfully. (I was wishing Superman would fly in to take this wack job away.) Hence the word "pedophile" immediately popping into my brain.

This is what first piqued my interest. Things got much more interesting though...

During the ceremony all these kids came filing into a different section of the church and up onto the stage. They started chanting catechisms, crossing themselves, and kissing their thumbs. It was sad.
I mean, if they could just come to one of OUR Sunday school classes, they would never go back to this...

The ceiling of the cathedral.

Bride and groom being cursed by Mr. I-Just-Got-In-From-Jogging-5-Miles-And-Didn't-Have-Time-to-Wash-My-Face.
The rope around the bride and groom is the Catholic version of a unity candle.

And one last 'irrelevant' picture:
The Catholic people here do not put Jesus in the manger until the 24th.
And manger scenes are extremely offensive to the once Catholic people in our church because they actually used to worship Mary and the baby in the manger scene. To us it is just a decoration, but to them, it is a form of idolatry.

Ok. I'm done being irrelevant. Maybe the next post will be more substantial?



The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Catholic weddings are very should try going to a funeral one time. VERY different!!

We are suppose to have a crew coming in March. I just can't confirm who yet because they are still raising money. I will let you know as soon as I know! :o)

Love & Prayers,
Sis. K.

Anonymous said...

Ok! We can't wait!

And about the funerals...I haven't ever been to a Catholic one, but my Gpa and Gma have and they dug up the previous dead family member and put the new dead grandpa in the casket...
But I guess that probably isn't a 'Catholic' thing-it's more of a 'poor' thing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Beth,
Well, I HAVE been to a Catholic funeral. They are SO depressing! I can't remember if your mom was there too, but we were in the 8th grade, and a girl had gotten hit by a car. (gang related I think) ANYWAY! We all went. WELL!! The priest was walking down the isle with the container of "holy" water, and he TRIPPED!!! OH MY WORD!! I TOTALLY expected that when the "holy" water hit the floor, it would burn a hole in the carpet!! Well needless to say, it did not! The funeral was already sad, but it was even MORE depressing, because we knew they didn't have the truth! I am LOVING all of your oh so current posts. I am rewarded when checking in every couple of days or so! Sis. Perez has been checking in. She asked me again for your blogspot link.
Love you and miss you TONS!!
Sincerely, Aunt Darlene, soon to be the MOTHER IN LAW to Matt Hubbell, in 4 months! HA! We are excited to have Aubrey's room to make it a GYM!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Aunt Darlene,



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