Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Incompetent Police and a Ferocious Dog

Yesterday at 5pm a police truck drove up in front of our house. The neighbor's German Shepherd was tied up on a chain across the street. Obviously the police were there doing something with the dog, but we didn't really know what was up.
(Side note: We all loved this dog b/c he (was) so cute and huge, and whenever he would escape from his house, he would run around our neighborhood taking down all the mean dogs that had thrashed Ranger in the past. It was like our own personal entertainment. All the dogs would tuck their tails between their legs and take off.)
Anyways, we went to prayer meeting downstairs then when that was over Bro. Dad went out to talk to the po-lice. Turns out, the dog had bitten an old lady when she tried to cross the street.

Well, what ensued was quite a circus. Another police truck got there and a bunch of guys jumped down and ran over to the dog. They started yelling at him (like they were so big and bad that the dog would just melt) and WHEW-Y! Did they use some naughty words! I re-learned some that I had learned last year from our new Sunday school kids and had forgotten. Of course, the dog went WILD, barking and snarling.
A guy with what I call a 'fat suit' on also went over to the dog. (You know those special, super thick suits that police dog trainers use with their dogs).

They got this lasso type leash out and it took (NO LIE) 20 minutes for them to get it around the dog's neck. Then they had to somehow get the chain from around his neck, but apparently it was tangled and they couldn't get a good hold on it b/c the dog was going crazy. So we offered up our metal cutter to them. I don't know how I feel about this.
So off came the chain. Then our dummy neighbor got mad b/c the police cut their (rusty) chain. What an ding bat. So thru all of this there was a bunch of unnecessary shouting going on. Most of it was from the retarded police. They did NOT know what they were doing. The guy in the fat suit was the one doing all the wrestling with the dog, but the rest of the guys were standing around throwing out comments and suggestions on how to get the dog under control. How many incompetent policemen does it take?

This whole time there were two guys on each side of the dog, each one with a leash around his neck. It was really sad, after they finally got the chain free, they started taunting the dog and pulling on the leashes to where the dog couldn't breathe. They are so cruel! I've never seen the police in the US dealing with a dangerous dog, but it seems like they would just shoot it with a tranquilizer then transport it then do whatever they do in these situations. In this case, the dog is going to get tested for Rabies and other diseases then they'll put him down. Personally, I think they'll put a muzzle on him and pretend he's a police dog. It seems like something they would do. LAME!! :))

In the end the dog was thrown/heaved into the back of the truck What a WILD experience. We had a front seat to it all b/c it all happened directly in front of our house. The old lady that got bit was there. She wanted to know if I was a doctor. Lol.
The little boy that was the son of the owner was outside until they got the leash on the dog. So that was about 4 hours. Sis. Mom made him a sandwich and sent it down with a can of 7up. It was cold out and he didn't have a coat so Bro. Dad gave him his sweatshirt. He was shaking, he said part from the cold and part from nervousness. And the strangest part was when Bro. Dad gave him the soda, he looked at it curiously and started twisting the top of it then gave it back and asked my dad to open it for him. That's pretty sad too, that he didn't know how to open a can of soda.
In the end the boy said he wanted to come to our Sunday school so maybe this incident was planned by God so him and his family could be saved.
Also, one of the policemen really 'took a liking to' Bro. Dad. He said today is his day off so he is going to visit our church. We'll see what happens.

Here's the pics of the whole ordeal:


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Aww....I hate when they are mean to animals.

I hope you get a couple of saints Jesus Name!!

God Bless,
Sis. K.

Anonymous said...

HEY!! I just came back from administering oxygen to Aubrey! She talked SO MUCH to you that she almost passed out due to lack of oxygen!! I'll have to make sure she doesn't need an IV also. HA! She was SO happy to talk to you! She SO wanted you to be a bridesmaid!! Such is life. Grrrr grumble grumble.. Anyway, The new pictures that you guys added on the side, they look SO pretty!! I told Grama that Nicole looks SO MUCH like Andrea, when she was younger. Also, I was looking at an OLD picture of me, Grama, and Doreen, and Aubrey said that Jarred looks like me when I was a baby, and Nicole looks like your mom. Its SO crazy!! Well, we love and miss you SO MUCH! I enjoy SO MUCH reading your blog! KEEP IT COMING!!!! OXOXOXOXOXOX
Aunt Darlene~~

Kathy McElhaney said...

I too was looking at the new pictures added on the side. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Bethany, Nicole, the Wakefield Zoo. Um, did you guys adopt Austin out and not tell anyone???

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