Friday, December 18, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We love getting together as a family, eating good food, and laughing hysterically. There is just something about Grandma's house. 
Gramma and Nicole
Tia Hayde and our little Princess

Me and Nicole
At one point I (Nicole) went into the living room and sat down next to Elissa to steal a kiss. Much to my surprise, she crawled quickly and excitedly into my lap and laid her head on my shoulder and stayed just like that for a good while. It was the sweetest thing ever, and  brought tears to my eyes.
I felt very loved. :))
Elissa and Nicole
Nicole and Austin
Something very interesting happened this Thanksgiving! Dad left the house to go pick up Tio Mario and his family at their house. On their way back to Elder Wakefield's house they saw a man passed out on the sidewalk. Now, this is not very unusual in these parts-- It is not rare to see a drunk asleep on the sidewalks. But they decided to go back and check out the situation more closely, and found that it was not a drunk but a young man that had suffered an epileptic attack. He was unconscious, but as hands were laid on him in prayer, he woke up. This was all witnessed by the passersby and they were all amazed and aware that it was prayer that had awoken this young man.
"Ricardo" had a card with his name and all his important information, but he was a very long ways away from home!! So our dad invited him to come eat Thanksgiving dinner with us before driving him home.
He was endeared to our hearts very quickly with his shy smiles and laughs. What an adventure for him to share a family dinner with a whole bunch of white people and American food! :))

Before eating, we gathered around the table and everyone said something that they were thankful for..

It was a very sweet and heartfelt moment.

Missionaries Wakefield

Mom tricked Gramma with a fake piece of ice that had a bee in it!

Much to our entertainment, she was horrified!

Elissa waving at the camera. :)

Dessert! We love us some pumpkin pie!

Family time is the best.

First hint of Christmas!

Apples to Apples! We had not played this in FOREVER. We were reminded of how funny it can be!

Austin was the winner of round 1!

After a little while we played a silly little game that is made up of simply passing a jar of baby food around the circle, to music, and when the music stops, whoever is holding the jar has to eat a spoonful! :)) There were good baby food flavors, and then there was Chicken and Vegetables.
This is the one that dad got. He was a good sport and took a HUGE bite. 
The following pictures tell the whole story...


Elissa loved hers :))

This is my last picture from Thanksgiving night. We all had a gooood laugh because of something my dad had said. When he went to drop off our visitor at his house, he went in to talk to the young man's mom. They got to talking about about his epilepsy and multiple times in the conversation when my dad referred to the young man having epileptic seizures he called them "sismos en su cabeza"... Sismo means earthquake in English.We all had a good long laugh about dad saying that the boy had "earthquakes" in his head.

Yes I know, Thanksgiving was weeks ago so this is late, but better late than never! We love and appreciate all of these people so much! Thank you Lord for family and friends!

Note from Bethany: Today was our last day of school. We are now officially on Christmas break!! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! We mayyy blog in the next couple of weeks, but don't be surprised or worried if we don't. We are going to take advantage of this time to relax, enjoy Christmas, and spend time with our family. Have a great next couple of weeks!! 


Amy Bailes said...

I enjoyed seeing your Thanksgiving celebration. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Enjoy your winter break. Two weeks off sounds delicious.

Cherie Marchbanks said...

This poor blog! LOOK AT IT! So neglected!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amy - Thanks you! And I thought I was the only one to use "delicous" as a way to describe non-food items. LOL! Our break was very delicous indeed!

Cherie - Shhhhhhhhhhh if you don't say anything, maybe no one will notice HAHAHA.


Hannah DeAnne said...

Nope I have definitely noticed!!! I've been looking for new posts! :) lol

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