Thursday, December 17, 2015

Magical Markers

Last month when I got to the US, I had a package waiting for me from one of our blog readers! I had mentioned that some of our Sunday school kids were having trouble staying calm and quiet in the main church service. "LaLa" commented and suggested Crayola Wonder Markers, then said she would send us some! Isn't that so sweet? I thought that was such a thoughtful gesture. I was surprised to open the box and find several notepads and several packs of the markers - there was a lot of stuff! I was excited to get home and show them to the kids. Since then, church with the kids has been much more of a success. They were thrilled with the markers and paper!
" doesn't color on my skin!"

The markers are pretty magical - they do not color on anything except for the special paper they came with. The girls were totally wowed by this, then proceeded to try to draw on each others faces - with no success, thankfully.

So many colors to choose from!
"Look! Olaf!"
The kids are better behaved - but not perfect. Tania is still obsessed with the wet wipes I keep in my purse that smell like lemon goodness. When she crawled under her chair to wipe it down, I didn't stop her. It probably needed it.

Thank you, Lala for that sweet gift. We are enjoying everything you sent very much!



LaLa said...

Wow that LaLa person must be an amazing and noble saint of God! J/p!! ��
That is great that they enjoy them. Children are so special, I would love to do more for them.

Thank you.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

LaLa- She is totally amazing! :D We appreciate you!


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