Monday, December 14, 2015

Colonia Happenings (1st Installment of Many)

 We used to have school every day inside the church. Since we have moved to the school on the third story (with its two large windows that look out to the street), we have started seeing all kinds of funny, sad, entertaining, and/or shocking scenes. There is always something going on outside! Who knows what all we missed back in the day when we were shut up in the church for hours on end. This is why we have decided to start a series called "Colonia Happenings" on this blog. (A colonia is a small communities, neighborhood - a bit like the American version of a county, but smaller.)

One day, our neighbor across the street let her chickens see if they could cross the road. Ha. Ha. 
Seriously though - she tied them together and let them out to run around. I don't know what she was expecting them to do, but she went inside her house and returned after a few minutes to see how they were faring. Apparently, they weren't doing what she'd wanted because she began scolding them about how she was so graciously letting them outside, but all they wanted to do was stand there. Nicole and I couldn't help but snicker while watching this all transpire from up above.

Surprisingly, the dogs hanging around didn't seem too interested in the chickens. I don't know why not! More that a few times I've seen or heard of some dog getting in and stealing one of the neighbor's chickens.

After a good rain one night, I got to watch a neighbor on the next street over sweep water off his roof. Good neighbor - doing his part to combat the ever-persistent and annoying mold problem we Poblanos wrestle with.
If you have never swept water, you definitely should try it. I don't know if it is the same in the States, but here in Mexico it is a staple activity, especially if you have a house that has lots of concrete floors. Those can't just be swept, due to the inordinate amount of dust it creates. Anyways - you may just find the action of sweeping water to cause a gratifying feeling well up in your heart. It is pretty satisfying. Like squeegying a window, or painting an entire wall.

A couple days ago this guy came walking down the road hollering out "marranos!" (Marrano means pig; whenever someone is selling their wares, they ring a bell, play music, or call out what they are selling. Each vendor has their specific sound they are known for. Ice cream is a bike horn. Knife sharpener is a whistle. The tamale guy yells "tamales, tamales!" and so on.) I looked out the window to see this completely adorable herd of pink little piglets.
How stinkin' cute is that?! Literally!
Unfortunately, pigs are not ideal pets. I know this. A couple people in our church have them for the purpose of eventually slaughtering and eating them. They smell terrrrrrrible. Once they are grown, the only cute thing about them is their nose and the gurgly-snorting sound they make. Awwww :)

**** WARNING: If you have a weak stomach or a very sensitive heart towards animals, I highly suggest that you scroll no further!! *****

 Last week after Bible class, Valentin met me halfway down the stairs to tell me that our neighbor's dog had just gotten hit by a truck. I went and looked and our neighbor had just pulled the dead dog to the side of the road, in front of his house.

 From the school window, this is what it looked like. I was surprised at how bright red the blood was, and how much of it there was!

Like a good and caring neighbor, Valentin went outside and washed the blood out of the street before the sun could make it into a long-lasting stain. 
That's the first sad thing we've seen...everything else has been pretty entertaining. We've all had animals get hit by cars. If they don't learn from a young age to look both ways before crossing, they probably won't make it very long! Aaaaaand...that goes for humans as well. But that is another post for another time that shall never come - I will spare you and instead, only include only beings that do not have souls.


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