Wednesday, December 2, 2015


As many of you already know, this is Ailyn. She has been coming to Sunday school for almost 2 years now, by herself. In all of this time, she has only missed about 2 Sundays! She is so outgoing and entertaining. It's amazing to see her come so faithfully, without the encouragement of her family. She is only 10 years old!!

It turns out that she is pretty smart too--
A few weeks ago, during our weekly Sunday school planning meeting, one of our ladies told me an interesting story about Ailyn! When we first started our Sunday school program, we gave out these awesome candy bags every Sunday! We still do this, but with just a little less candy. The story is that each Sunday, Ailyn would take her bag of candy, save it (at this time, 8 years old), and SELL it during her school break time in the following days!! 

After several weeks of doing this, she went to her dad with the money that she made, and asked him to go to the candy store and buy her a big bag of mixed candy. And from that candy that she bought, she made over $2,000 pesos (about $150 USD)!! Now her family goes to her to borrow money. HA.
 I was speechless when I heard this... What normal little kid thinks of this??
But not only is she a smart little entrepreneur, she has a giving heart. 
Two Sunday's ago, I saw something happen that I knew I had to share with you all, along with her candy business story. I watched her run up to Pastor after Sunday school and hand him something. Curious, I asked Pastor what she had given him. She had given him her offering! 
It was the cutest thing! Pray for Ailyn - she has such a sensitive heart and sweet spirit. We are looking forward to the day when God fills her with the Holy Ghost. 



tinzy love said...

So sweet. God bless her.

Mary Frances said...

Awwww!!! She's soooo PRETTY TOO!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Tinzy Love - Amen!

Mary - Yes she is and she had an adorable personality as well! We love her curly hair! :)


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