Friday, November 13, 2015

West Coast Conference (Last Days)

Now for the second part of my West Coast Conference post.

I forgot to include this picture in yesterday's post. This is at the minister's banquet on Thursday night. 
Avonlee was houngryyyy :P
Friday morning we went to Starbucks. Some went for the actual coffee and others just went for a chat in the sunshine. It was pretty chilly in the mornings.

It's too bright, can you shield the sun?? ...Yes!! Perfect!
Friday afternoon lunch - Yaki Somethin'. One of those places where they cook in front of you. 
In my experience, the cooks usually try to entertain the group, and this guy did attempt to do so. I am sure he realized, after having to repeat himself a few times, that in reality, we only wanted to talk to each other. So he cooked in silence and we continued with our vehement visiting.

For advertisement purposes, I carried around a pen my dad had made. It was a beautiful pen! Made of buckeye burl, it was green and the smoothest pen I'd ever written with. I didn't intend on keeping it for myself because it was heavier duty and manly looking. I didn't plan on selling it either because of a small factory defect in how the lid popped on and off. There were several people that saw the pen and fell swiftly and covetously in love. I'd just smile and say something like, "Well actually, this one isn't for sale, but my dad has similar ones - go talk to him!" 
Friday afternoon, however, these two fellas showed up at my door.
Bad cop and good cop, I think that was their angle.
They were determined to leave with my treasure. I could see the admiration in their eyes though, so I knew I could milk the situation for all it was worth.

Yeahhhh, hand over the dough!
Coco tried to haggle, but I knew that there was another guy really wanting the pen so I wasn't in a corner, heh heh. I have to say though....they got a reeeeeally a good deal HAHA.
West Coast Conference choir
Elder Morton preached the last night about the heart. It was so good - I love hearing from this man of God!

Me and Cherie
Steph, me and Cara
We went to the minister's dinner afterwards. This is one very grateful group - we do not take for granted that we are permitted to eat here. One word from a higher-up and we'd be OUT. 
Thank you to the people that let us in!! :D
Keith, John, Andrew, Morgan, me, Coco, Stephanie, Cara, Denae, Cherie, and somebody's child - no idea.
The beloved youth lock-in stamp...I forgot to never wash my hand again - whoops.
Lindsey and I
Me and Austin - I love this picture because he looks little and so innocent. In reality he is a big brute of a boy.
We left early Saturday morning. We had a layover in Denver and when we were getting close to landing, I opened my window to see this -
It made me nervous - last year after West Coast I got stuck in Denver because of a snow storm...
Thankfully, there was no snow to be seen when we landed! Just a little bit of ice here and there. We got home safe and sound, no flight delays, no problems! Flying into Mexico City is always a sight to behold. The city is so huge and the lights just go on and on, as far as the eye can see.  
We had a great trip, a great time. I am so thankful we got to go to West Coast! The preaching was awesome and it was good to see friends.
I am really looking forward to blogging the beginning of this entire US trip. We went up to Oregon and Washington and had a really awesome time! I'll start on that next week... :)


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