Wednesday, November 11, 2015

West Coast Conference 2015 (Days 1 and 2)

Here it goes - my West Coast post! I usually like to post things in order, which would mean starting at the beginning of my trip and working my way forward. However, I know everyone is going to be blogging their view on West Coast Conference and I want to get mine up so I can read theirs without worrying about mixing memories! My memory is fresh and it is time to write.

Nicole and I had a discussion on the drive up about whether or not the first night is the most distracting. Nicole said it would be because it always is - there are so many faces in the crowd, you can't keep your eyes from scanning around. I said it wouldn't be distracting because everyone that I wanted to see was going to be there and I already knew that so I wouldn't need to look for them. (Something like that.) Boy, was I wrong!!! I was forgetting just how the first night of WCC is. So many people, so many friends, so much energy. I was so distracted and hyperrr.

Just a warning - most of my pictures are of the fellowship before and after church. Hardly any of the actual services. I did not feel inspired to take pictures during church; I was happy to just sit there and soak things up. I have no regrets! Bro. Nathan Morton preached the first night. Imagine his picture here: =) 
Now for the after-pics...
I have several memories of past years where Olivia shows us what all is in her purse. This year was no different. These girls are cuties!
We stuck to the old paths and went to the Cheesecake Factory after church the first night.
Bekah Bullock wasn't able to go to WCC this year, but sent a disposable camera in her stead. It was like a new friend that added another dimension to our group. I don't know how many times we heard, "WHAT is that??" Ha!

Lindsey and I
Me, Stephanie, Nicole and Cara
After dinner we got back to the hotel only to sit in the hallway talking some more.

I finally, finally got to meet Cassia Wilson's baby - Avonlee.
I am in love!! What a cutie! I tried to get a picture with her each service because her outfits were so cute...I think I made up for lost time :)

Bro and Sis Mena and Elder Swearingen - I love capturing these moments.
Doesn't Sis. Mena look like my Gramma?! I saw her out of the corner of my eye at first and it caught me off guard!
The minister's dinner on Thursday night - as usual it was almost constant laughter. 
Good times!!!

Me and Lindsey, again. I love this girl!!
Me and baby Avonlee...again :)
Visiting in the lobby
Me, Cassia and Avonlee, Cara, Cherie, Keith, somebody, Stephanie, Caleb and Lindsey
*Wink!* Litte Red Riding Hood with her adorable cape. 
Starting at Justin, since he is the prominent face in this picture, haha...Justin, Kent, John, Andrew, Keith, myself, Nicole, Stephanie, Cherie, Cara's hairdo, Jonathan, Austin, Josh, unnamed guy, and Michael. This was a fun and relaxing afternoon.
After lunch we all came back to the hotel. Cassia asked me to do her hair, and after warning her that I didn't really know what I was doing, I agreed. Kassia has very long hair and our room was already crowded with suitcases, thus the decision to sit out in the nice, fresh, open hallway. It turned out to be an interesting event...get Kassia, Cara, and Jacob together and there are going to be a lot of laughs.

Nicole and Cherie

This was days one and two. Days 3 and 4 are coming right up.



LaLa said...

Your hair always looks so pretty! You got skilz.

Cesiah Gonzalez said...

I agree! Your hair looks sooo pretty, your gonna have to teach me how to do my hair like that :) Looks like you guys had fun, can't wait to read about the next days!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

LaLa - Skilz! :P Thank you - ha!

Cesiah - Thank you! I'd love to, next time you're down here :D And I'm really not an expert...I know how to do a few things, but it is also a different story dealing with other people's hair!


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