Monday, November 23, 2015


The next part of our trip was spent in Washington with the Diaz family. We had an awesome time. These pictures are the highlights of our weekend with them!

Crossing over into Washington...if I remember correctly (?)
The hotel we stayed at had a beautiful view from the restaurant area. 

We met the Diaz family for dinner that night at the Olive Garden. We ended up having to wait an hour and 45 minutes to get a table. It was insane! I've never waited that long for anything - haha!
Bethany, Amanda, Nicole (we definitely look like we've been traveling...)
Mom and Sis. Diaz
A note from Nicole: 
While at Olive Garden, a lovely Apostolic lady came up to me to let me know that she read our blog! I didn't get her name, but it was so nice to meet one of our blog readers!! We usually hear from people at conferences or churches, but this was out of the blue at a restaurant. It was so special! 
If any of you readers ever see us somewhere in the states, you better come and say hi!!! :)

 The next morning we got up and headed out to Seattle. We'd been looking forward to this for a very long time. I hadn't been to Seattle in yeeears and was really looking forward to what we had planned.
Us girls rode up together
 When we got into Seattle, this is one of the first things I saw. 
People in Seattle like their phones, from what I could tell.

Me and Amanda
Austin and Jonathan
I love this picture...the colors are beautiful! These were just blown to side of the sidewalk in downtown Seattle. 
We found out from firsthand experience that these beautiful leaves can also be deadly! We were driving uphill, and had to stop at a light on an incline. When Amanda hit the gas, the car couldn't get traction and went sliding backwards and towards the side of the road! Slimy leaves are dangerous. It was quite exciting.



 Our main destination....Pike's Place Market! I was so excited!

 We got to see the seafood place out front and the men throwing big-O fish through the air.

These two were out front singing. They were very entertaining! 

If you can't tell from these pictures, it was a very cold and dreary day in Seattle! This hot apple cider was just the thing to sip on while walking the streets.

We worked our way down the front passageway, admiring all the different kinds of flowers and produce. It was incredible! 

 Like Mexico...but much cleaner and pleasing to the nostrils LOL

Look at the giant garlics!
My word! Beautiful!!!!
Awesome chile wreaths for sale

Austin and Dad sampling different flavors of balsamic vinegar. If we wouldn't have had a weight limit for our suitcases, we definitely would've ended up in Puebla with a couple bottles of this stuff. We are balsamic vinegar fans - especially Austin!

Selfie sticks CAN be a good thing! I love this picture :)

 The next day was Sunday. We went to church with Bro. Bow in Lake Tapps. We really, really enjoyed our service there. Their music was beautiful, anointed and they had so much talent. If they had a CD, I would buy it! I was wishing I could sit there a little bit longer and just listen to them sing and play. We enjoyed it so much that we forgot to take pictures. BUMMER! (Actually, most of the pictures in this post are not mine..thank you Amanda and Bethany Diaz :P) 

Sunday night we were back in Puyallup with Bro. Coleman. We enjoyed being with them! Bro. Coleman can play the guitar! All while singing and dancing all over the place.
I just realized Austin is not up there with us...? Don't know why not...
Dad preached and Bro. Diaz translated. We can appreciate a good translator - Bro. Diaz did awesome.
This lady got the Holy Ghost!! EXCITING!!!

Thank you to the Diaz family for making this part of our trip so fun and special! (Thanks especially to you, Jonathan, for always keeping us entertained! If ever we were laughing, it was probably because of him!!)


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