Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh So Teacherly

There's something about these things that makes me feel extra-important. A real teacher uses these things - at least in my mind. If you're a new teacher, let me make a couple recommendations.....

#1 - Real teachers have a bell. Real teachers ring that bell, and ring it LOUD. But don't leave your bell out for just anyone to touch. There's nothing like a bell being rung by a well-meaning saint of God that thinks prayer meeting should be ending. *DING!* It's a little...surprising.

#2 - When I went to Mexican public school at the age of 7 my teacher graded all my work with these crayon-pencils. They are super cool because you just pull a string to get more pencil out instead of sharpening it. When I saw these at the store I had to have them. I feel important when I grade with them.

And...that is pretty much all I need to feel like a teacher. These things, and of course my stellar intelligence! Oh, and a drawer-full of snacks in the filing cabinet :))

Any teachers out there? What items do you have that boost your teacherly confidence?



Amanda Diaz said...

Beth you need an apple!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amanda - YES I do! One of my students need to bring me one...hehe :)

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