Monday, December 15, 2014

Jaime and a Stolen Kiss

Sunday school had ended and the kids were filing out of the church. I was holding the door open when this little guy, Jaime,  passed by and stuck his hand out, totally taking me off guard. I grabbed his hand and shook it and he told me, "Te portas bien, eh?" I was like, *blink, blink*..."What??" And he said again, "Te portas bien!" (Behave yourself!) I laughed and said, "ok". He then stretched his neck out, eyes squinty, and puckered his lips out. I was laughing at the hilarity and at this little boy's gutsiness. He kissed me on the cheek then ran out the door.
Jaime is the one in yellow, with his brother Emanuel
I ran and grabbed my camera and told these little guys I wanted a picture with them. After snapping a few, I told them thank you and that I hoped to see them next Sunday. Jaime then stabbed a slice of orange off of his plate and held his fork up to my mouth. What else could I do? I took the bite very gratefully (lol!) and he informed me, "That's for taking a picture with us!"

Oh man...these boys are just too much! They have added so much life to our Sunday school classes!


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