Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 We had a nice little Thanksgiving this year. For the first part of the evening it was just Nicole and I and Gramma and Grampa. Then a couple hours later Tio Mario, Tia Hayde, Abner, and Elissa arrived. That is when we started to eat. About an hour later, Bro. Jorge, Sis. Natalia, and Eliana arrived. About an hour after that, Grampa left to go pick up Mom, Dad, and Austin up from the airport. The rest of us stayed home and continued eating :)

Grampa and his battle-scared arm. He got in a fight with a thorny tree. (He did win, no matter what it may look like!) 

Our little princess

Group #1, round #1

While we ate, Elissa sat over in the living room on her blanket playing. It was the weirdest thing - she dozed off while sitting up and her eyes were still open. She was kind of swaying backwards and was funny and pitiful! I went over and scooped her up into my arms and her eyes immediately shut and she fell asleep. Zzzz....
Shnuggling on the couch 

Nicole and little Miss Eliana

Trying to get Elissa to show us how she crawls

Seeing our boy for the first time in a while

Elissa fell asleep...again...this time, in the arms of Nicole. Look at that little smooshy face!


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