Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jack Got Hit By a Car...

...and as the car drove by, I gave the driver a thumbs up! We knew Jack was bound to get hit sooner or later, with the way he runs in the street without looking for cars, but we only hoped that when it happened, it wouldn't kill him. We were all standing in front of the house unloading things from the van when it happened, and watched when at the last second, Jack jumped off the sidewalk and darted in front of the car. The driver - our neighbor - slammed on his breaks, but Jack still got a pretty jolting hit and was pushed a couple of feet. Jack looked stunned for a second then started ferociously lunging at the car like it was the culprit! Lol! I went to talk to our neighbor after it happened to thank him for helping teach our really dumb dog a lesson. And for not killing him :)

Jack is doing just fine and hasn't had any more run ins with cars. Let's hope he's learned his lesson for good now!

Here are some pictures of Jack after he got in a dog fight...(he started it - I'm telling you, he's dumb!) 


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