Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Austin's & the Newlyweds Get Baptized!

August 10, 2014 Austin got baptized!

He had been wanting to be baptized for quite a while, but things always seemed to be getting in the way! Trips out of the country, dad traveling, etc...
We are so happy to finally be able to call him "brother"!! (Spiritually of course :) 

The next people that were baptized are a young married couple that have been coming to church
for a few years.
Bethany was really proud of this picture that she took because it looks like Pastor has a good grip on this guy's head when actually he is not even touching him.

This is Armando's wife Lorena. She sure has changed so much in the past few years. Her and her family started coming to our church in 2010 and she was one of those teenagers that made it really obvious to everyone that she did NOT want to be there! But  recently she has had a change of heart and just a month or so ago we were surprised and happy to see her up in the altar crying and praying!

The happy couple!

Here is pastor asking if anyone else wanted to be baptized! 
Speak now or forever hold your peace.... that baptistry takes forever and a day to fill up! Especially when its a last minute decision and we all have to grab buckets and fill 'er up! --We have had to do that in recent days...(blog post coming soon). 

Our crazy dog, Jack, peeking in to see whats going on! This dog has caused manyyy a disruption in our services! 
Thank God for what he is doing among our people!



Jennifer Connell said...

Congratulations, Bro. Austin!! :)
Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled for Bro. Austin and the sweet couple that got baptized!

God is doing wonderful things in Mexico!

Love to all,
The Marchbanks Family

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, Jen, and Marchbanks family!


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