Wednesday, August 20, 2014


At some point in this "celebration week", we wanted to do a list of what are the most memorable blog posts to us. So here goes!

Our first blog post ever: The Wilsons Visit Puebla

Nicole's favorite post: Escape from Choir

My favorite post: Obregon II

Dad's favorite post: Four More!

A fun series: Part 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, and 4 of 4

We have had a great time doing this blog. Sometimes we have a ton of stuff to say, and sometimes we only post about twice a month - ha! But one thing is for sure - we have a good time and we make ourselves laugh! It really is a stress reliever. Yesterday at the end of the school day Nicole and I were working on a post we will be putting up next week and could barely contain ourselves. We were laughing our heads off! Sometimes I wish we could actually narrate each picture with our voices, but it's probably a good thing we can't - lol!


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