Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Coast Camp & My Trip Home!

Sadly, we broke tradition with PCC this year... Bethany and I have been going to Pacific Coast Camp since 2010, but this year Beth stayed in Mexico, and I was only able to go to camp for one night service. I went on Wednesday night to hear Bro. Alvear preach, and was able to see and talk with all of my PCC pals :)) We had a good time, but it was a quick visit after church ended. It could have been longer, but my feet were killing me... I also got to meet a few readers of the blog! I love it when people come up to us and let us know that they are keeping up with us and what is going on down here!

Loved seeing everyone!

L-R (clockwise) Cherie, me.... and an amazing PCC churro <3>

Cherie, Stephanie, Angelo, Beth, and me.
Yes, Bethany is in there! Look at the cellphone in my hand! Hahaha :))
She wanted to be there so bad to see everyone, so I had her on camera having everyone say hi to her! Soo funny.

This picture right here is a rare as it gets! 
Angelo Alvear smiling, instead of making a crazy face!!

Steph, Angelo, yours truly, Michael, and Andrew
It was so sad... This picture and the picture before last were the only pics I got of the old PCC gang :( Some of them weren't at camp, and some were in the dorms. (Which I didn't know at the time. Bummer!) So I missed out on seeing them.

In the car, headed out to find something to eat!

Denny's-- My last meal in the U.S.!
Had a blast laughing at all the crazies (all sitting at our own table of course LOL), got home around 2am, packed up my things, forgot a few things, and just 2 hours later it was off to the airport for a very early AM flight! I was not ready to go back... In fact, I'm still having withdrawals hahaha.

Sleepy ride to the airport, got to the airport around 5am, dragged myself through customs, made it to my gate..... and lo and behold, it was my lucky day.............
What do I discover but that my gate is under construction! :)))

With no seating available, I decided that I would look for greener pastures. I moved down the terminal and found what I was looking for... And after waiting behind 20-some people (literally- it was crazy), I had my nice hot cup of coffee to keep me going. :))

Made it to Dallas and wandered around there for 5 hours... 
Of course, I had to stop in to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a treat for Beth!
 It smells so good in this place! 

Filled in paperwork...

So dreamy...

And finally, after more than 15 hours of travel, I landed in my little Puebla!




Jennifer Connell said...

Awww, Nicole! I didn't know you made it to PCC! :( Didn't see you at all, or I would have said hi! Glad you made it back safe...squeeze my dear Anali for me! :)lol

Mary Frances said...

Punch Anali in the arm for me!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

How beautiful its to see all this wonderful pictures from our precious missionaries. Love u so much wakefield Family. It's just so amazing to see the wonders of God. Thank u Jesus for this two precious girls Bethany and Nicole. you two are truly two Godly girls that we admire.

Sis Naomi (Tabernaculo de Verdad Fresno, CA)

Kendra Thaler said...

Wish I could have see you!!! I didn't go Friday night though :(

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