Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Church in Uriangato

**Replace all references to "yesterday" to "Sunday"! I've been trying to post this since yesterday!!! :) 

Yesterday we had two services, both of them were very good! I played and Nicole sang, then El Pastor preached. I really like the church here. The people are very friendly and seem so hungry. 

This is the church 

 Bro. Jose singing a special 

 When Dad asked anyone to come up that was sick, 3/4 of the church came to the front. :-/ 

 Nicole testifying 

My dad had lost his sunglasses here in Uriangato a while back when helping the pastor of this church move down here. Dad saw this little old lady with a pair of glasses on that looked strangely familiar so he told her the story of losing his. She informed him that these were given to her by a brother in the church here in Uriangato. Ha! Now we know where dad's glasses went :P

 This young man was filled with the Holy Ghost a couple weeks ago and was baptized. That is his wife next to him. Yesterday was her first service. 


 Praying for people wanting the Holy Ghost 

 El Pastor preaching 

If anything in these posts is a little ski-wampas, it is because I'm blogging off my phone! :) 

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