Monday, July 1, 2013

Nicole's California Trip P.1

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the life of the Wakefields. 
If you haven't noticed, we've been on vacation. :))
For those of you who didn't know, or didn't see me, I (Nicole) was in the California for a couple of weeks. I've been back now for a week and a half and I have enough pictures from my trip to fill up the blog for another year, but for some reason I just have not been able to make myself sit down and blog.
...But everyone has been threatening me within an inch of my life, so here I am. 
I won't put up the whole "year" of pictures but I will just put up random highlights of my trip.
I had an absolute blast with everyone... I'm already missing it.

The morning I flew out, my dad and I left the house around 5am to drive to the airport. On the way there we were just chatting when suddenly from the side of my vision I saw a blur and right there, directly in front of us, this little car below went to turn off but but flipped top over bottom and slipped off to side of the road twisted to face oncoming traffic. Thankfully the car ended up on the shoulder and safely out of reach of other cars. As we quickly pulled over to check on the driver, a young guy was kicking at the door from the inside trying to open the door, and then finally succeeded and jumped out bright eyed, and obviously high on adrenaline. We made sure he was okay and left him as he was talking on the phone. And as we drove away, dad says..."His mom is going to be so mad."

Popocatepetl as we flew off into the horizon....

Two flights, a 3 hour layover, and many naps later, I landed in Los Angeles. Britt picked me up at the airport, and off we went... We were having a good time, music blasting, when all the sudden Britt turns to me and says, "Do you feel that? I think we have a flat!!" And yes, I did feel something... The road felt really bumpy and wobbly all of the sudden! In infinite Nicole wisdom, I tell her "Oh it's just the road... It'll go away in a second!" Thanfully she did not listen to my advice. We quickly pulled over to the shoulder, I hopped to check, and sure enough! We had a beautiful flat tire.

Took it to the mechanic, and look at the cute little bolt that gave us the flat!

Or so we thought, until this guy got the little bolt out... 
Not actually so little.

And with that, my summer trip began. (And for the first few days, we were plagued with car troubles.) Such a nice welcome. :))

Coral Cafe with a group from Burbank church. 
This is definitely a highlight-
Sis. Cynthia left an everlasting impression on my now traumatized brain with her eloquent and exuberant prayer. She had us in tears from laughter.

Britt, Rachel, and moi, exhausted from the long day.

Early mornings with Britt...
Morning person (right), Angry at world until 12pm (left)

My first morning there, we thought we might have had another flat so we both got out and went around inspecting all the tires. There we were, a blonde and a brunette staring intently at all the tires as if we could see the very deflation of the tires. I tapped a tire with my high heel and we sat back, not knowing what else to do. We were obviously out of our realm of expertise... This was the total of me and Britt's common car sense pooled together. As I tapped the tire, a good samaritan informed me from afar that "kicking the tire doesn't tell you anything". 
So I kicked him in the shin. That's my expertise, acquired in the 3rd grade. :)
And here he is doubled up in pain. See the agony on his face? :D
Just kidding :)) He actually took us over to the air machine, checked all our tires, and filled them up, all while giving us a lesson on Tires 101. Very nice guy. Americans are so cool. :)

Krispy Kreme happened a few too many times...

We camped out in BofA for a few hours rolling coins. This was a blast let me tell you. We made memories never to be forgotten. *so embarrassed* :)))

Just picture Nicole and Brittany, wandering around in Los Angeles alone... A predicament is bound to be around the corner. 
This time we got lost... On the wrong side of town... 
It was actually very scary, in a funny kind of way. :D
But I did get a picture! This guy was getting arrested right in front of us.

Breakfast at Mi Piace in downtown Pasadena with Britt and Stephanie

We went to
This place has the most amazing cranberry orange muffin. And a wonderful spiced latte.
If you're looking for a good breakfast, don't say I didn't tell you!

Saturday was Joe's graduation party. *round of applause* LOL.
Of course I just now realize that I have no picture of HIM. Hahahaha.
Sorry Joe, my mind was on other things! I'm sure you understand. :))))

Britt and I

Max came to stay with Mimi D for a few days! 

Max is a sweetheart! 
So entertaining :))) 
For some reason he got quite attached to me and wanted to hold my hand the whole time. So cute.
One of the days he was with us we went to Disneyland.

We saw about 5 minutes of the Aladdin show, and then Max decided it was too scary...

Then during lunch we all got nauseous and sick so we left pretty soon after that! :)) It was a blast. LOL. 

And this is the only way Max could get comfortable on the way home. He reached over and pulled my hand over his eyes himself :))

And that is enough for today! Part 2 to come soon! 

Hope ya'll have a good Monday!



Dacia Loa said...

It's about time you guys posted something! I have missed the entertainment!:D

Anonymous said...

You girls take forever to post! Whats going on we love your blog. Keep us entertained! Love u girls!

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