Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nicole's Trip P.2

Okay! Nicole is back! 
Thanks to an anonymous commenter demanding that we entertain them, I am here to comply! :))) 
On to the second part of my trip... Here's some more random pictures from the second week- L.A. Zoo, made pizzas, birthday parties, and another graduation!
Spent another day having fun with Max!

Horseback riding- Look at that cute smile!

...Late night stop at Joe Peeps to make pizzas! Yes, we made our own pizzas! So so fun...
^Best pizza in L.A.! I'm not being paid to say that :D ^

Hanging out!

The teacher and his 2 students hahaha.

Then things got a little crazy when someone threw a packed snowball of flour at me! I had flour in my hair, my eyes, nose, everywhere.
 I still am not totally sure who did it, but if I do find out for sure, that person better watch out!

Congrats to the lovely graduate Rachel!

Vivian, Vern, and Britt at the graduation dinner.

I could not pass up the opportunity to share this with you all! I took this picture on the last morning that Max was with us...
Here he is, eating the breakfast of champions.....
Doritos and milk! LOL.
 ^Oh my, just look at those baby blues!^

Beach day!
This is what I had been looking forward to my whole trip-- a whole day, relaxing on the beach...

Fun in the sun with friends and snacks... Lots of snacks.
After being lost and stranded the day before in the L.A. Zoo, where an icee costs 9 bucks, and with out any snacks, Britt and I decided that we would be very well prepared for this day at the beach! :)))

 It really was a beautiful day!


And then to finish the day off, we ate at The Habit... I think that out of all of the meals I ate in the U.S., I enjoyed this one the most... So good.

Had some car problems as we tried to pull out of the parking lot... High centered on the curb, to be exact.
No, I wasn't driving. LOL.

Another highlight of the trip-- Disneyland!
 We had a pretty big group, of a little over 20 people, from the church show up this day.
A group of them are in the pic below... You guys can play Where's Waldo hahaa.

L-R Jasmine, Josh, Crystal, Gary, Marvin
There was no chance of us getting lost thanks to Josh... :)))


Rachel... Wonder why she looks so happy...? ;P

More of the group!

Pirates of the Caribbean!

So neat how everything looked so realistic!

Another early start of a day in Old Town Pasadena... Guess where we went for breakfast?

Where else but at the world famous (Nicole's world, of course) Mi Piace!

50/50 orange smoothie and orange cranberry muffins!

And to top the day off, we went job hunting for Britt... We passed a cute little bookshop that looked really classy... While I was shopping a few doors away, Britt decided to stop in and see about getting an application. Little did we know that this "cute little bookstore" was actually a church of Scientology! She unknowingly went in to ask about job openings there and talked to some people there. Within very few minutes of her being in there they had whipped out a 2 year contract for her to sign! 
She barely escaped that one! HAHA.


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