Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Influence of the Gospel

3rd grade history writing assignment --  5/02/13
What needs to change in the community where you live? Using your own words, explain what you think could change in your community if the people were transformed by the gospel.

Alejandro's response:
If God were to give me wisdom, I would make our streets Christian. The church that is by my house would become Christian and all the women would throw away their pants and would only wear skirts. The men would wear pants and would throw away their beer and cigarettes. 

Fabian's response:
I would do something to change the community where I live. Teach them the Word of God, that there is only one God and he is powerful - there is no other like Him. Also, I would teach them the gospel, that baptism is in the name of Jesus, and that they need to receive the HOLY GHOST. I would preach the gospel to them like it is written in the Word of God. I would also try to take them to church so they could be free for the rest of their lives and have eternal life.

UPDATE: I'm a little behind on this, but I just want to say that the 3rd-graders have got division down pat!! I think it's completely awesome because I am the one that taught it to them! Not that I'm so awesome, but it is a funny experience teaching kids math. Monday they don't know how to do something and Friday they've learned it. The brain is a cool machine.
This may sound very lame and obvious to you, but being a teacher makes one look at things in a whole different light. It's neat to see a the kids' ability to learn and comprehend ideas.


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