Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That Dreaded Knocking

We were having a pretty non-eventful day at school today. The boys were at their desks studying dutifully with minimal talking. Nicole and I were at our desks, trying to look important.

There is an unspoken rule in our family...or at least between Nicole and I. When the phone rings, the person closest to it is supposed to answer. When someone knocks, the person closest to the living room is to look out the window and see who it is. Unless that person is me. I do not like answering the doorbell or the house phone. Everyone knows I will do everything in my power to avoid it (unless it is Elder or Sis. Wakefield - I know they only call to talk to me - ha). There are various reasons behind this - the main one being that I know people aren't calling/knocking because they want to talk to me. However...during school hours, it is up to Nicole and I to handle door knockers, since we are already downstairs.

Today, there was knocking at the gate accompanied by a shouted "Buenos dias?!" (Good morning). I looked over at Nicole with one raised eyebrow. "You gonna get get that?" She responded with a total deadpan expression and replies, "I think it's for you." Since I had made the mistake of being the first one to acknowledge the knocking, I knew deep down that I was responsible for seeing who it was. It's called giving in gracefully lol.
Me, giving in gracefully
Standing outside were two ladies and a boy. They informed me that the "son of the lady with the long braid" (yes, yes, I know exactly who that is) told them that we give English classes. I told her we've never given English classes here at the church, but that we do have a school. She asked me what the schedule is. I replied, "8:30 to 2:00."
Two women knocking at our school gate. Just kidding, this is in the Middle East.
She insists that we do actually give English classes, but I insist even more passionately that we do not. I explain again that this is school, but we only teach math, history, geography, etc. The lady pondered this for a moment then tells me, "Well I like math...."
The look on my face after she tells me she likes math. What am I supposed to say to that? "ME TOO! I'm the math teacher, actually...Would you like me to quiz you on your multiplication tables?"
Ha! So maybe we will have a couple adults in our school next year! I'm sure they will get a kick out of recess time when the boys play dodge ball and basically try to kill each other in the most quiet way possible. I will encourage them to get involved.


PS - I hope you all like the random pictures placed throughout this post. I found them on google. I know there are a select few of you out there that won't read a post without pictures so I'm just trying to be accommodating ;)


Cherie said...

Keep blogging, Beth!!!!! (And Nicole!!)

Much love from Porterville!

Jess said...

I can actually picture Jim Carrey's expression on your face, too. LOL.

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