Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bibleing & Outtakes (Not)!

Sunday night I was just tootling around the kitchen, when I realized that I needed a Bibleing recording for the blog! Austin was already in bed, but I dragged him out of bed to make a "quick" recording. He did not mind getting out of bed at all... That boy will do anything to stall bedtime!! :))
What I thought would be a quick recording, turned out to be a time of stalling, joking, laughing, and threatening Austin within an inch of his life to JUST DO THE RECORDING. All were done in good humor of course, while I had him in a chokehold (in my mind)... Hahahaa.
Austin is a show-off as you all may already know, so staying true to his usual ways, he very adamantly ordered me to put the whole recording on the blog because "everyone will LOVE it!!!". I really can't argue, because while reviewing the recordings before uploading them, I was laughing at my little booger of a brother.
UPDATE: Well, as you followers probably already know, I tried to put up recordings of how the other night went, but I'm still in the process of finding out how to embed an mp3 file into a blog post... Reading and trying to figure out Java and HTML while in a rush to get a blog post up is a sure recipe for a nice headache.
For now, here's just the Bible reading recording. I'm going to try to add in the little extra recordings sometime in the near future. (Maybe today, or maybe in a few years hahaa... Maybe never...)
But hey! Check back soon just in case! :))) 
-Beware of the background noises.... I had no idea during the recording of all the ruckus going on in the background... Who knew dish washing could be so loud? :))-
Here's the link to listen to Austin read:
But the easiest way to listen to Austin's recording is to just look to the right side bar player and click play!
.....Now to get back to figuring out how to put those recordings on here >:(


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