Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rocio's Baptism

Here are a few pictures of our service on Sunday...

The boys quoting the verses they learned in school the previous week

We also had a baptism!! There is a lady that has been coming to our church for about three years. She and three of her four kids have gotten the Holy Ghost. All of her kids were baptized, but somehow she slipped thru the cracks. She came to me after church last Sunday asking to be baptized and my response was, "What?? You haven't been baptized?!" I told her if we would've known this before, we would've been bugging her about it constantly :P

This lady normally is VERY giggly, and I think the giggles were exacerbated by her nervousness about getting baptized. She was all laughs as she sat in the water.

Her family watching her get baptized

Thankfully, she finally got serious after going under and came up worshiping God!

Everybody taking!

Then we sang, "I am baptized in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. I am baptized in the name of Jesus because He has revealed His name to me!"

Sunday morning, I'd gone to Elder and Sis. Wakefield's church. They have a man that has started coming in the past couple of months. His name is Juan el Bautista - John the Baptist! He testified to the church that he is going to be baptized this week. Praise God! John the Baptist is going to be baptized in Jesus name!


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Kendra Thaler said...

This is so awesome to see what God is doing in Mexico!

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