Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love My Church

Today we went out to the town where Brother Israel's wife was born. We understood that there was going to be some kind of celebration with their family. It was a beautiful drive to get out there. 

The "celebration" turned out to be this trinitarian church's anniversary. Israel's mother-in-law's church. 
The mother-in-law and a bunch of her family came to our conference a couple weeks ago, but walked out in the middle of the preaching. They said, "The Holy Ghost is not for us nowadays." But Israel gave them a Bible study on the Holy Ghost and told us that his wife's family was as "teachable as children". 
So anyways, we were invited to this service/lunch as friends of the family. 
Look closely at the preacher's mustache. Pretty impressive, huh?
The service was super surprise there. 
I did feel a little awkward, however, with the special singing. After a group got done singing I go to clap and look one else is clapping. Everyone just said in unison, "Amen." As you can imagine, we had quite a service. *Yawn* 

Then we went downstairs for lunch. These guys were the hired entertainers.

Each person was given a plate with a pile of rice and a few chunks of pork, and of course tortillas and salsa in the middle of the table. It was pretty good, for the first few seconds. After that though, all I could think was, "Just keep chewing, chewing...chewing." What's it called? Miracle meat? just make me feel so grateful that I go to an Apostolic church where I can feel the presence of God. 

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