Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buses R 'da Bom

Last night we had a youth service across town, and our usual going-out group, the Stupendous Six, got to take the bus. Actually, we got to take 2 buses, each way. So a total of 4 buses! Can life get any better?!
AND on every bus, we got to sit in the same exact spot, on this bench thing in the back. We've never in our lives ever been so privileged to sit back there! The Lord definitely shone upon us last night...
...Because last night's youth service was so good! Elder Wakefield's assistant, Brother Mario, preached. He is one of our favorite preachers, one of our favorite people, actually. And his wife, Sister Hayde did the music. This was awesome because Nicole and I almost always do the music, which we enjoy doing, but last night we got the chance to be out in the congregation, dancing, perspiring, and worshiping God with the rest of the young people. 

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