Monday, March 13, 2017


 It's been a while since I've blogged a Sunday so I determined yesterday that I was going to take pictures to be able to do a post today. Well, I did end up taking pictures, but none of the services really! I went to Elder and Sis. Wakefield's church Sunday morning. My Grampa taught the adult class. Before church he told me, "You should come to my class - it's going to be way more interesting than Abner's. I have pictures." (Abner teaches the young people's class.) So I stayed for the adult class and I'm glad I did. I don't get to hear my Grampa preach or teach very often and it is always a treat! 

After church Grampa took us out for lunch. He ordered two of these molcajetes (mortars?) with steak, chorizo, and cheese in a delicious sauce. They were delivered to our table boiling and continued until after we'd finished. 

Pile on the cilantro! YES!

 We then headed over to my church for our evening service. In the middle of the song service I noticed some smudges on the keys that I hadn't seen before. I immediately started thinking about the person who had played Friday night and wondered if they'd been eating chocolate while playing.

 ...a minute later I realized it was I that had smudged the piano up and my thumb was bleeding. 
Signs of a good song service?

 Somebody from the congregation apparently thought Dad got a little long-winded last night and when he hit an hour, they walked out the back door and stood just outside, in perfect view of Pastor preaching behind the pulpit. This person started doing exaggerated gym stretches and popping their back. I wish I'd gotten pictures of that - I can see it in my mind's eye and it cracks me up. Altar call was made soon thereafter. 

After church Abner made us a delicious dinner of chicken milanesas, green salsa, and a side of pasta.

Many hands make light work...

While we helped fix dinner, Dad helped Soledad figure out her phone. Samsung people. :-/ 

 It was Soledad's birthday yesterday so after dinner we sang to her and ate cake!

She turned 67 :)



Kristen said...

That candle :D and the pictures of the food...mmmm...making me miss Mexico right now!

Anonymous said...

Fue un gran día, gracias por venir y visitar mi iglesia.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Kristin - I had to go back and look at my post to figure out what candle you were talking about. I was like, "I didn't blog a candle!" Then saw the one on the cake :D
Nice to hear from you!

Abner - No, gracias a ti. Por el sacrificio que haces todos los domingos.


LaLa said...

A restaurant by our house makes molcajetes. Yum!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...


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