Friday, March 24, 2017

January Conference 2017

In January we had our New Year's conference. I think this is the conference that I've ever had the most fun at - for reasons I will explain further on down. It was the best! Missionary Brent Schreckhise and Pastor Harlan Morgan came down to preach for us and we had a wonderful time.
Bro. Schreckhise did such a wonderful job, our people just adored him!!! He made us laugh and cry. We were actually literally truly sad, sad, sad to see him go. We wished he could stay longer and preach many more services for us! He also sang each day before he preached and we so enjoyed that! 

He taught us some Honduran Spanish that our people still use even now. Our favorite is "chancho" - pig! We don't use that word here and it is funny to us!

We were so happy to have Bro. Morgan with us as well! His son was supposed to accompany him, but got sick the day before they were to fly out. 
Bro. Morgan sang "It's My Desire" the first night of the conference and asked me to play for him on the spot. We sing this song in Spanish so that was fine, but we don't sing the verses, which I found out in the middle of the song! ("Oh wow! This song has verses!" *panic*) Also, I thought the verse was the chorus and the chorus was the verse. So when Bro. Morgan gave me the sign for the chorus, I went into the verse. I am sorry if I totally butchered that song. 
Later on I asked him if he played and he replied something about "plunking around between three chords." I never know whether or not to believe our American guests - how to know when someone is being modest?? My mom later told me that Bro. Morgan is really good on the piano. 
Whoops. Kind of embarrassing. :)

One night he preached "The Truth Will Make You Free". Another night, he talked about different stories in the Bible and the reactions of different people to the Word of God. How will you respond?
Another message he preached was "Oh, What a Saviour!" He gave testimonies of miracles and wonders that God has done in his life and the lives of others. He was building our faith! It was awesome! Oh, que Salvador!!

As soon as I see a camera pointed at me in church, I don't know what to do. Pretend to be lost in worship? Squeeze a tear out of the corner of my eye? Since it was my Grampa taking the picture, I decided to just smile - to his chagrin. LOL.
Sis. Gloria getting blessed
Michelle seeking the Holy Ghost
Violeta really getting involved in the altar service and praying for the first time

The ministers - Pastor Isai Garcia from Mexico City, Bro. Juan, Pastor Cortez in Puebla, Missionary Schreckhise from Honduras, Pastor Morgan from Louisiana, Bro. David Garcia, Bro. Valentin, Bro. Mario Garcia, Evangelista Interranchional Abner Garcia, Bro. Baltazar, Elder Wakefield, and Pastor Pablo in Cuautla
During this conference, there was some extra fun going on behind the scenes. I'd been living on my own for a month at this point since Nicole had already moved to Idaho. Nicole and I are opposites - she is more the quiet, go-to-bed-at-9-sharp kind of girl. I love being around people and the idea of having a houseful of girls to cook for and stay up all night chatting with caused me extreme excitement. After having all this alone time, I was ready to completely drown myself in cooking, girl-talk, late nights, and laughter. These girls made my New Year by agreeing to stay at my house for the three days of our conference.

Dinner after church

Montse was looking at the pictures I have on the refrigerator and just oohed and ahhed over the one of Nicole and I in the snow. "You look so cute and snuggly! I just want to pinch your cheeks!" She said we had to do a reenactment so I twisted her hair up into a bun and gave her my glasses.

Aftewards, we made it into a collage and sent it to Nicole. 
Pretty good! :D

I love these sweet young ladies and had such a fun time with them over the days of the conference! We had good church, but also great fellowship before and after each service!

Soledad (from Veracruz) had stayed with a family in our church so she could attend the conference. The day after it ended, we went over for lunch and to see how she was doing. She is so funny! Her back was hurting so I started massaging her shoulders. We got to talking about her hair and why it is purple. She says her hair stylist told her to use a certain shampoo for white hair. I think she's not rinsing it out too well - lol! I've told her this before, and to only use it once a week, but I think she feels like a little mermaid with her special hair color. LOL.

A mermaid-esque do for Sis. Soledad.

And that was our conference! Good, fun, Holy Ghost-filled days. I'm looking forward to the next one!



Anonymous said...

Muy buen trabajo.... y eso pronto cambiara ��
El evangelista interranchonal.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Gracias por tu apoyo en recordar los detalles y mensajes! Hubiera firmado al final "~Abner~" JAJA!


LaLa said...

You are so funny and cute! I cant wait to meet yall one day. Bro Morgan preached the night my hubby got the Holy Ghost in La. Way back in 1998 (we are old). I was early 20s and had been praying for a man, getting kinda worried about my manless situation. Wellll after Bro Morgan preached, this druggie looking dude with a long pony tail and a goatee started getting the Holy Ghost. I was carnal during his Holy Ghost moment and told all the other girls something like 'that is my man, back-off'. He was cute the next night at church with cut hair and clean shaven. :-) And he WAS mine haha.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

LOVE THE STORY!!!!!! I am cracking up! How very romantic!😂😂 That is the best!!!!!

Bro. Morgan must've been a pretty young man when he preached for you guys back then. That's interesting!!!! He's forever a part of your story - lol! Thanks for that little story! You made my night 😂😂
I hope we meet one day as well. That'd be awesome!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could move to Puebla just to go to your church. Seems amazing.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Anon - I have a good church :)


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