Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Austin Update

Good news - Austin is home! His doctor had originally said he'd be released on Sunday, but he was doing so well that he was allowed to come home Saturday morning. He hasn't had the cast put on yet - his incisions from the surgery need to heal up first. Thursday he gets his cast. We are anxious for that! Things are very delicate with his poor leg having no real protection.

I went over Friday to see him and hang out there a little while. Austin really enjoyed his hospital meals.

Mom and I also enjoyed the hospital food.

He did a lot of sleeping.

Austin had a few more visitors....
This is Valentin - Austin's PE and Bible teacher, and one of his BFFs. When Austin first broke his leg, he says that his foot had twisted out in at a very unnatural angle. Valentin did some quick thinking and popped the bone back into place. Austin's surgeon says Valentin did the right thing and possibly saved the tendons, nerves, etc in his leg.

Tio Mario and Elissa came by as well!

Before he could leave, they had to check out his incisions and change the bandages on his leg. 

Finally it was time to bring this boy home! He was in good spirits and happy to be out of the hospital. 
(Sorry, his muscles are too big for you guys to see.)
Valentin and Dad unloaded him from the car.

Then they carried him up the stairs!!

Olive was very curious as Austin was brought in the house...

After Austin got settled in his bed, Olive was invited in to check the situation out and greet her buddy.

Austin's x-ray - the final proof that he wasn't faking!

Austin had some visitors in the last couple of days and they brought by what is the classic Mexican get well food. Yogurt, jell-o, and bread that comes already toasted (very interesting, let me tell you).

I'm sure I'll have little updates here and there as Austin recovers and becomes more mobile. Nicole's second wedding/celebration party here in Mexico is in a few weeks and Austin will be on crutches for that. Kinda funny!
Thank you all for your prayers and sweet messages for Austin. He's read them all and will be on here shortly to reply to the comments!



Mary Frances said...

Duuuuuuuude your guys hospital food looks WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than ours!!! LOL!!! Hope you feel better soon Austin and make sure to take advantage during this time...you can probably get A LOT from people right now!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Mary - Ain't dat the troof. Altho they don't believe in hot meals, everything was cold!

And...does that include you? 😁😁😁


Marvin C. C. said...

Wow. Austin is strong and so big now. His awesome.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

He is!! A big tough dude :)


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