Monday, September 8, 2014

The Local Chicken & Produce Shop

Meet our neighborhood chicken and produce lady!
We call her "Señora" ....
She used to be a tad suspicious of Beth and I, but she has since warmed up to us and gets friendlier each time we come by her shop.

She will happily chop up your chicken, and then move straight on to bagging up your veggies!
...Thank goodness for disinfectant!
(That's for all you Americans that just read it as "My-cro-dine" haha)
This is what we soak our fruits and veggies in to get them sparkly clean.

 This is her helper, "Señorita".
We obviously are not to the "BFF" stage, not knowing their real names and all... -____-
Oh well, we have something to look forward to! Lol.
Did anyone notice the raw chorizo hanging all over the string of suckers? 
To your kid: "Here honey, have a salmonella sucker!"

This lonely cluster of grapes hung there in the middle for a whole week...
 That bunch of grapes is 50 pesos which is around 4 bucks. Here where we live, a family of 4-5 can feed themselves on just a little more than that, so it's no surprise that they just kept shriveling up there day after day. 
Non-First World Problem: "Feed the whole family, or buy a cluster of grapes?!"


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