Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dia de la Independecia 2014

 Happy Mexican Independence Day! Yesterday was the official day, but as true Mexicans, we celebrated the night of the fifteenth. We went over to Elder Wakefield's church to celebrate, play games, eat and of some fireworks!

We started off the night with a game of "pass the ring". Everyone sits in a circle and passes the ring on the string while someone in the middle guesses who has it. We love this game! There is always a lot of laughing!

Passing the ring and trying to not look suspicious

We had to fight to get Grampa in the middle guessing! He didn't want to but how can one resist when the whole crowd is chanting, "PASTOR! PASTOR! PASTOR!" Haha!

Do you have it? Do you have it? 
 The next game we played was a contest of who could get the most cotton balls in the plate on top their head. What makes it funny is that cotton balls weigh nothing so most of the time the victim is carrying empty spoonfuls to the plate - lol!
Pastor vs. music leader!

Father vs. son! 

After a couple games, we got the the main point of the night...FOOD! Molotes, taquitos, chile atole, pozole, tostadas, many different kinds of traditional foods! Everything was delcious! 
Sis. Natalia is the tamale maker of the church. She made some traditional tamales and some called "Jarochos". These are made with a little different ingredients and are wrapped in giant banana leaves. They are very very tasty!  

Elissa is now giving sweet!! 

The pyromaniacs doing fireworks

I was taking a picture of the guys doing fireworks when Mario said, "Get this!" And stuck an on-the-verge-of-exploding firework in front of the camera. It freaked me out, but the picture turned out great - lol!! 
Next thing on the schedule was El Grito de Dolores!!! (The Cry of Dolores). One of the most exciting events of the year! 
The grito (literally it means "the yell") is done in the center of town in front of the governor's mansion. He comes out on the balcony and does a series of yells like "Viva Mexico!" and the crowd yells back "VIVA!!" 
Then a bunch of trumpets are sounded and fireworks go off and the crowd goes CRAZY!! 
It is extremely exciting! 

Apparently it is too much excitement for a LOT of people, since we were the only ones at the church that wanted to go. Booooo!! 
Before arriving in the center of town, we had to walk about 5 blocks, with a gazillion other people. It was so so crowded! 

All down the street were people set up with games....

....and MORE food! Tons of food. Tons of tantalizing smells. 

About a block away from the center of town and the governor's mansion a line started. It was like an airport security line on steroids times 100. There were probably a couple hundred people in front of us - I was sure we weren't going to make it in time for the grito...but the line moved steadily and we made it through just in time! 
This is how we went through the line, hanging on to each other. There were people trying to cut in front all over the place!! That really gets my blood pumping, I think it is my spirit of truth, justice and the American way rising up. Ha! :) 

Right as we got passed the crowd and into the center, the governor got on the P.A. and in his fanciest and most regal-sounding voice said, "Mexicanooooos!!!" And I got a thrill....even though I am not Mexican....
He started the grito with "Vivan los heroes que nos dieron la patria!" (Long live the heroes that gave us our country!) And as we are running to get a better view, Nicole, me, Austin, and Abner respond with, "VIVA!!!!!!" Austin had a hokey little horn he was blowing and blasting my ears out as we kept running to get closer.
The governor continued with the grito, "Viva Hidalgo! Viva Morelos!" Viva a lot of other Mexican heroes....
And on the last one he yells three times "Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! VIVA MEXICO!"
And the crowd yells back with more force then ever, "VIVA!!!!!!!"
All of a sudden, from all different sides of the zocalo, fireworks started shooting up into the air and exploding.
The crowd was hollering and cheering, whistling and clapping.
 We had quite a spectacular view! 

The party continued with music, more fireworks, and more cheering. Mexico sure does know how to celebrate.  It was a great night!
When we got home, we were lulled to sleep by our lovely neighbors throwing giant bombs in front of our house until the wee hours of the morning....sigh... :) 



AV said...

Now I have that song stuck in my head .."Viva Mexico, VIVA! "

Looks like tons of fun :)

Mary Frances said...

That food looks sooooooo GOOD!!! Mmmmm!!! Thankfully you can't gain wait from looking at food!!! I just feast on PINTEREST!!! LOL Still getting ready for that Apostolic AHEM Season!!! BAHAHAHA!!!

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