Monday, September 6, 2010

Tabernaculo de Victoria Choir

A few months back I asked my kids if they would like to start singing in church. This was right after many of them had just gotten the Holy Ghost. They all said they would be too embarrassed to get up in front of the whole church. Well, last week a few of the kids came to me and said they wanted to get a group together. 
I was excited to hear this!! I am for anything that gets them more involved with church. 
So Saturday night we had our first choir practice. I was a little worried about how we would sound. Our experience in the years we've been down here is that the people LOVE to sing, but they tend to hurt your ears :) I say this with much love. :)
Here I am teaching the kids the song...

We had 10 kids come for our first practice!

Eduardo, my little drummer boy.


Then afterwards we sat around for a little bit visiting and eating brownies.

Here we are on Sunday...this is Tabernaculo de Victoria's orchestra. :)

And here we are singing. 
They did wonderful! They worshiped, worshiped, worshiped and the presence of God fell. It was so sweet to see the kids with their hands raised, singing to God and speaking in tongues. 
So from now on, practice is on Saturday at 7pm...just in case anyone wants to join us!

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Anonymous said...

Ummm I Woulf love To join... I need help with my voice and I think I would fit in that group perfectly, idk God has not giving me a voice, I guess he likes it the way it is haha jk (hurting peoples ears). Love The Effort and The Will of the "kids" (youth group) and how they give God praise in ways they have not done yet... God Bless You All...
-Marvin Cárdenas

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