Friday, September 10, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños, Hermano Mario!!

Today was Elder Wakefield's assistant pastor's birthday. Yesterday we went over to their house and partied! 
We always have a blast when we get together...this time was no different. 
We ate dinner, ate birthday cake, smashed Hno. Mario's face into the cake, he opened his presents, then we played pictionary...and that turned into charades with lots of laughs. I love this game!! 

Notice the people all around Brother Mario as he is about to take a bite out of his cake. 
Also, see the hand resting on the table? Four people against poor Brother Mario. 
He definitely was tasting cake after we got done with him :)

Bro. Mario and his wife, Sis. Hayde

Gramma, Mom, and Me

Wakefields...Sr. and Jr.

Brother Mario's brother and niece.

Mr. Magician Extraordinaire 

Eating cake bolitas

More tricks!

Nicole and Me

Acting out "train"


Dad trying to act out "Great Wall of China"

Abner bowling

Dad and Gramma

Grampa juggling. We are quite the talented family ;)

Happy Birthday, Brother Mario!! We hope you have had a wonderful day...We love and appreciate you and your family very much. You guys are the best!

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Kassia said...

Aww wish I could've been there! I love them they are so sweet!

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