Monday, September 27, 2010

Escape From Choir

The past two choir practices, the kids have been SUPER late. As in like, an hour or more. This past Saturday Nicole, Javier and I decided it was time to teach them a lesson. Choir practice was scheduled for 6:00pm and the three of us sat around the kitchen table jamming with plastic cups and a tissue box until 7pm. The rest of the kids still hadn't shown up so we decided we would go have some fun instead of just sitting around. 

So at 7:10 we beat it out of the house running like crazy towards the bus stop a few blocks away. We didn't want to get halfway down the street then get a call from home saying that they had shown up. I was wearing my rain boots, they weigh about 10 kilos each, so I was feeling the burn in my legs (and am still feeling it--ha). 

Meditating at the church. Dalaiiiiii. 

Me, confessing. 

Derrrrr. Follow the fingerrrrrr. 

There was a marathon going on downtown. 

Me and Javier singing Sunday school songs, with motions :)

Also, we bought tacos to eat on the bus because we were kind of in a hurry. 

But before we ate our dinner, we ate dessert. Rice pudding. Yummy!

When we got on the bus and opened up the tacos, this is what we found...
Two little tiny scrunched up egg rolls. Hahah :) But they were good so...

Javier eating his taco

This Saturday @ 7pm
Meet us downtown at 7:30pm :)

We did have a few funny experiences while downtown, at the expense of Nicole's dignity...

We were in line downtown at Woolsworth. The check-out aisles are about 6 inches wide. 
I told Nicole to get in one line and I'd get in the next one to see who's line finished first. She wasn't paying attention though and let a bunch of people in front of her so she came and got in line with me. 
AGAIN...she starts looking at all the little goodies on the shelves and a lady comes and gets in line behind me. 
So Nicole says "excuse me" and tries to squeeze past this poor lady. Her arms were totally full of stuff.
Anyways, Nicole tries to get in front of this lady and knocks a HUGE bottle of shampoo out of her arms...RIGHT ONTO THIS LADY'S TOE!!
The bottle was about this size:

All I heard was a BANG and Nicole whispers, "Beth, did you see what I just did??"
I look behind me and this lady's head is thrown back, her jaw is clenched shut and her eyes...well I couldn't see them...Maybe she got some shampoo in her eyes because she was doing that thing you do when you get soap in your eyes when you're in the shower. :))
Kinda like this:
Then she started doing Lamaze. Hahaha. :) 
Ok, all of this was true except for the Lamaze part. 
Her toe probably looks like this:

THEN we walk out and all of us are laughing and Nicole is re-enacting all of this and she almost TRIPS over a beggar that was sitting outside of the store. He's just a chest. Really! Well, he does have a head...
I have a picture of him somewhere, but I can't find it right now. 

We were going to invite the hurt lady to church...We sensed that she might need some healing. 
But we kind of felt it wasn't the right time. 
Ya know? 


Nicole said...

Don´t be fooled guys.... the shampoo bottle was WAY bigger than that!!!
-Nicole (I WOULD know since I´M the one who smashed her toe with it!!) hahaahaa...

Nicole said...

I think that a disclaimer should be added... That disgusting toe does NOT belong to anyone in the Wakefield family... HA.

Meagan Rowell said...

Lol uh oh! that definitely wouldn't have been the right time to invite her to church ;) hahaha!!!

Anyways, hey! I'm Meagan Rowell, a fellow Apostolic-Pentecostal in Southern California :D I love your blog!! Keep the posts comin' and I'll keep reading LOL :D

Meag :)

Jennifer Connell said...

Oh no! lol You two are hilarious! Sounds like something I might do. I love reading about all your adventures.

Kari said...

Your story was hilarious. I was cracking up laughing reading this post.

Cherie said...

LOLOL! Bethany you crack me up!!!! That was hilarious!!!

Miss & love you guys lots!!!

Charity said...

Ya'll are nuts!! That sounds like sooo much fun. I miss you Nicole!!! (And Bethany but Nicole also makes me laugh:)

Mary Frances said...


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