Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ventura, Here We Come!

We are about to leave for Ventura, CA. 
Pacific Coast Camp is on Monday...So I guess this is my last post until next week. 

***12 more days until we get back to Mexico!***


Sherry Parker said...

HEY GIRLS! It was so nice meeting you at Camp!!! Hope to see you soon :)


Veronica said...

Aww, less than a day now & you girls will be back in Mexico! I know you're both SUPER EXCITED but we will definitely MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! We've grown used to having you girls here! We MUST keep in touch! Bethany, keep praying!;) I love you both Bunches!!!! <3 <3 Veronica

Anonymous said...

Hey guys or girls I should say this is the former pcc band leader aka Kendrick preston. Well I had a great time at pcc. It was awesome getting to hang out with ya'll and Brit. and everybody else. We had so much fun and I can't wait till next year. You all were a blast to be around. See ya'll the next time I see ya'll. Hahaha adios y Dios le bendiga

Anonymous said...

HEYYY! this is Angelo, i have a google account but i forgot my pass word lol! i had a lot of fun at PCC with yall especially the last two nights at the Hospitality Hall! It was great fun and i cant wait till next year for payback of all that water i received!

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