Thursday, June 17, 2010

R&R With the K&K

(Rest and Relaxation with the Kendricks and the Klanns)
We had so much fun on Monday with the Klanns. They took us to play putt-putt, bumper boats, and go carts. The go-carting kind of turned into bumper cars with sparks flying. It was so fun!!

The Porterville girls are so sweet...
They bought us our breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Pacific Coast Camp:
Red Licorice!!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Great pics. We loved having you guys. See you in a couple days. love ya


Anonymous said...

Bethany and Nicole!

I miss you gurlies! I can't wait to see you both at camp :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

HaHa We had a blast!!!!cant wait for you guys to come stay with me again!!! love you! xoxoxo

love Britt...

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