Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Puebla Missions Trip

Thursday at 3am all of the most dedicated young people of Southern California started out on their journey to Mexico. 
First we had to get on a Greyhound bus to get to Tijuana....

Aren't they just PRECIOUS!?

...After the bus, we got an airplane headed to Toluca, Mexico. 

It was a 3 hour flight--I slept the whoooole way. 

That night we had a service in Toluca with the Loas. 
It was awesome!!

Ok, Andrew. I have to admit...this is cute...

Bro. and Sis. Loa

Dacia Loa

Friday morning we got up and got on another bus.
This time we were headed home. 

But first...we stopped in Mexico City to see the pyramids. 

This whole time, our parents had been driving. 
In the end, we drove up to the hotel and the same exact time. 
"Oh look! That van is just like ours!"
"....Wait a second...Texas plates....??"

That night we all went out to our favorite taco place. 
"Los Angeles"

Pastor White's assistant, Bro. Michael Oscal, preached the first session on Saturday. 

Thank you to all the young people that came down. 
They did such an awesome job praying with the people in the altars!
Our people were very touched by this because they LOVE to be prayed with. 

Los Angeles-Area Tabernacle Choir + Bethany and Nicole ;)

Pastor White preached the night service.

May I introduce you all to one of the most hilarious people on EARTH...
Marvin Cardenas!!!

...and one of the most ANNOYING people on earth....
Andrew Gutierrez!!!
(Just kidding...I think....)

Saturday night a bunch of us went downtown and passed out flyers. 
We had a lot of fun!

Sunday morning the men, women, and young people split off into separate classes. 
Bro. Michael Oscal gave the young people his testimony. 
It was so good. Our young people could totally identify with his story of gangs and drugs....
Here is the link to Bro. Michael's brother's testimony:

Altar call after the young people's class

Andrew chatting it up with Nicole. 

Sunday was Mom's birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday!!

Sunday night the Wakefield family did the music for the first time in 3 months. 

Pastor White preaching again...
And Chelsea's beautiful hair!!

Mario and Hayde Garcia
I love these people!!
They are my family in every way that matters.

Sunday night the young people went out to eat at Los Angeles again.

Some election was won and was being celebrated downtown Sunday night. 
We had fun acting like we knew what was going on and celebrating with everyone else. ;)

These policemen thought they were sooooo cool, getting asked to get their picture taken with us. 
And no, I'm NOT holding hands with this guy.
Acually, I scared myself when I saw this picture.
Was I subconsciously holding his hand?? Huh? Haha! 

Later, we went back to the hotel and played "Murder" until midnight. 
This is Bobby:

Aaaaw! Eliana!

Monday we went to Africam Safari.

Poor Nicole...
She was so tired....

Then we went back to the University and hung out around the neighborhood. 
We played "fireworks". RUN!!

I love explosions and fire...

Us with our loot. 

Chloee trying to whistle...

Austin found a friend...

Then it was time for everyone to leave. 
Look at Austin, poor guy!

But then Bobby's belt somehow got wrapped around their taxi's tire...
Thanks for turning our sad tears into laughing tears. :)


Kathy McElhaney said...

Thanks for taking such good care of everyone! Miss you already.

Veronica said...

Aww Bethany & Nicole,
I miss you girls so much! I'm totally bummed that I didn't make it on the trip! I've been hearing how AWESOME everything was! I'm determined to make my way to Puebla and visit my dear friends! I love you both mucho & I'll talk to you soon!

Eliana said...

Eh q me plea! that picture was a very intersting trip on the way there and on the way back! I think this was the most intersting missions trip we have been on...especially with the lights going off in the hotel that one night haha...and then being so tired that we got attitudes on the last day haha...sorri (in Marvin's voice lol) Thanks for all the fun that we had! And I absolutely loved the girl drummer and the piano player! Awesomeness! I miss it already for reals! And I am so THANKFUL that the people from Aculpoco got the HG! You guys are doing awesome out there...keep it up! Love, Eliana...and Chloee wants it from her too haha

Anonymous said...

Hola chicas!!
solo quiero decir que gracas por lo que dices de nosotros, yo solo puedo decirte que soy muy afortunada de conocerles y de ser parte de sus vidas en alguna forma,ustedes son las muchachas mas maravillosas, que conozco, las admiro muchisimo, por su carga por la obra de Dios y por el amor que tienen a El. Las amo mucho. Hayde

Charity said...

LOVE the pictures and commentary!! Definitely subscribing to your blog!! I miss you guys and had such a wonderful time meeting you, worshipping with you and having fun with you!! You're in our prayers as you bless Mexico with your ministry!! Keep in touch!!. Email: pohworship at gmail dot com

Bobby said...

I really had a good time, I will miss you all, in Toulca, in Puebla, and the others who don't live in my home town.
It would be AWESOME if everybody that was on the Mission's trip could come to Youth Alive (September 9th to 11th).
It was a really good experience, praying with the locals and trying to talk to them.

It was also a lot of fun just acting crazy... Ha Ha, you guys thought that I was just moving my eyes to avoid being murdered (for those that did not play this game you have to see someone wink at you in order to be murdered), but I acted the same when I was the one winking one time and found out - he who winks most before being caught winks best. :-) JK

And my belt that was permanently attached to my trench coat... did I say permanently?... I think that I mean that the Taxi tore it off. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hola chicas!!!
Thanx for all the fun on the missions trip(especially walking into the catholic church nd blowing out their candles. lol) I sorta doubted my dad when he said Mexico was having some serious revival. After seeing and feeling for myself I'm convinced. VIVA MEXICO!! Y VIVA LA RAZA!!!! lol
Andrew Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I was noticing the part where you said that you went into a Chatholic church and blew out the candles. Ok... my question to that is how (expletive)* do you call yourself christians by going into another church and blow out candles avery used to pray for someone else. Do note how I said PRAY for someone else. But I do know how, because all christians that I know are just self righteous people that for some reason condemn all other christians because they don't believe what you believe. All I have to say is that is outrageously disrespectful. Pentecostals are just outragous. May the lord be with you.
*Edited by blog admin. due to inappropriate language*

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

You may be right that we were being very disrespectful,but it is hard to respect a lie. While we try to be respectful to the people, it is difficult to respect a religion that promotes the worship of images/idols.
You also are right about Pentecostals being outrageous... outrageously AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

You know... that is what I'm trying to say. You all are so disrespectful and think you are all high and mighty to where you go into another place of worship and disrespected it. I would never do something of that nature and I'm a christian. How exactly would you feel if someone went in and vandalize your church. I mean, those candles could have been for someone who passed away or something of the nature. All I have to say is what you did was wrong. Plain and simple. You are no better than anyone else now. Now that you have done that. I don't think the lord agrees with it either. But yeah.... sooo awesome you are to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! How bout u come visit our church one day to see how outrageous we are ( in worship). Give me ur Address I'll go pick u up for church.

Andrew Gutierrez

Curtis said...

I think someone is actually jealous.

Curtis Wakefield

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Hi Girls:)I am very jealous of all the young ppl that got to go to this years missions trip:( I sooo wish I could've gone...I didn't even get to tell you girls bye before you left:( I am glad you all had a great time...the pics say it all;)I hope I'll be able to come to visit sometime:) Love you girls!

Anonymous said...

How bout u come visit our church one day to see how it is were from panorama city!love de pics u posted up on ur page it showed that u all had a great time in puebla..... ♥karina and maurilin♥

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