Thursday, January 11, 2018

Around My Place

I came home from school and my little neighbor kids were out on the front porch playing ball. I noticed that Edgar and I had on the same shoes. :)

Me and Ximena
Edgar had English homework one day so he came over and did it at my house so I could help him.

Ximena wasn't about to miss out on the fun so I pulled a coloring book out for her.

All of a sudden she started looking very uncomfortable. A couple minutes passed and I got a whiff of a not-so-sweet-smelling savor. She hopped down from her chair and ran back to her house. She came back a bit later all clean and bathed and smelling like a bouquet of flowers!

I shut one of my little friend's octopus legs in the freezer. That was a sad day because it was a particularly long strand which I was very proud of.

I love it when Austin comes over - we listen to stories and I feed him my leftovers and treats.

Soledad stayed with me for a few weekends when she'd come for church on Sunday. Areli, her granddaughter, came with her once and just loved the rug in my living room. Rolled and rolled and played around on it.

I found a huge beetle in my garage...

The trash truck comes around each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in my neighborhood. You have to put your trash out at just the right time, but you can't really predict what time the trash guys will be by. You can't put it out too early or the dogs will have a hay day with it. I pretty much always miss the trash truck because I'm either not home to put my trash out or I don't get it out in time. 

Well, it was getting bad and my trash was piling up. I was determined to have it picked up this day. I put it out on the street like usual, but placed it right under my second-story bedroom window so I could check on it. Whenever the stray dogs would get close and start sniffing at it, I'd dump a huge glass of water on them. They never knew where it came from, but it'd send them running for the hills! 
This is a great tactic.

This is a house up the road from the church... 
They want everyone to know something, as they've spray painted the message on both sides of the house... 

(That moment when apparently your neighbors believe they own prime real estate.)

This is a sign down the street from my house...cracks me up!!! 
The yellow one - says "Estetica Paul Mitchell" which means, Paul Mitchel Beauty Salon. HAHA!!! 

I originally took these pictures of my dinners so I'd have a little food diary for the future when I couldn't think of anything to fix myself to eat....(And to send to Nicole and Gramma to compare notes on what we are all fixing for dinner LOL...)
Never planned on blogging it. 
But I ran across these pictures just now and thought...Well, for my own memories sake...  
These were the glory days - when I'd fix myself these perfect meals for one... It took me a while to find my groove with cooking for just me. I finally figured it out though and take it as a personal challenge of sorts.
Chicken, cauliflower and mushroom, and sweet potato
Omelette, cauliflower, fruit with yogurt and hot tea
Cauliflower pilaf, green beans, and what we called beef milanesa. Beef flattened out real thin.
Pork flattened out real thin, green beans, cauliflower pilaf
Mushrooms, cauliflower pilaf, salmon, and salad
I got on a green-bean kick apparently, lol! 
Cauliflower pilaf, green beans and tilapia. Yeah, that cauliflower pilaf got a little old - ha!
 And a little party food for good measure - 
We got a new restaurant in Puebla called Wild Dog. Delicious food! This is a chili dog...

And a burger...

A store in the mall called "Hussi". LOL. Fitting! Because look at the type of clothes they sell...

 We passed a billboard in town one night that was apparently having technical difficulties. I wonder if the person behind the screen knew they were projecting their desktop up for the whole city to see? 

And the last of these funny things I've seen around town lately...
A BMW Golf! Haha! 


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