Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Kids in Town

I've never shown you guys our little wood stove! We got one in my parent's house years ago, but at the beginning of last year we got this one installed in the school. A man in Bro. Bullock's church in Texas found it for us. This stove is our little pet! On these cold winter mornings, it is so nice to have.

During reading time, some of us will sit around the fire with is so cozy!

Valentin and Austin are usually the ones to start the fire started early in the morning so when I get to school, they've taken care of the chill in the classroom.

Beau also looooved the fire....

He'd get so cozy, we could torture him however we liked.

I'm sad, sad, sad to say that Beau died in December. Our little snuggle bug! He quit eating, quit drinking, got super skinny, couldn't was the saddest thing. The vet said he thinks he had kidney failure. 
Four days after he died, my parent's house was broken into. I guess news traveled fast. Immediately my parents got two German shepherds... A puppy and her mama. They are really cute. I'm a little annoyed at the thought of them though after seeing these pictures of Beau. I was coming into school the other day with a cup of piping hot tea and the dogs jumped up and spilled it all over me. Those little brats...Beau would've never done that! 
Olive and her mom Dixie
Olive is in love with Austin. She adores him. 

When she was a sleepy puppy she'd snooze at Austin's feet during school. 
She's now graduated into her awkward teen years though and is demonstrating a streak of rebellion. She's done a few really bad things in school lately so she's currently suspended.

Dixie in the dog house and Olive on the table. This was taken when she was younger....before my mom put pots of flowers on this just occurred to me the reason why Olive might've dragged all of the plants off onto the ground last week! She probably thinks this is her spot - ha!

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